Watching Subtitled Korean Dramas Everywhere

One thing I love about K-dramas is how they can entertain and touch people around the world.

I made a graphic showing a few places where fans are watching Korean dramas with English subtitles. When I explain K-dramas to new viewers, I point out that roughly half the world’s population has access to subtitled Korean drama on local airwaves. And that’s not to mention the millions who watch online.

I know I missed a lot of places. This is a highly unscientific report based on my casual observations online. Because I do my surfing in English, Latin and South America got left out, even though they have a ton of K-pop and K-drama fans. It’s too bad that they don’t get much love in English-language media but I did find one article on the K-wave in Latin America. Something I want to know more about is which shows travel best. How does a small country like South Korea with a relatively “small” language spread its culture so widely?

If you’re watching in any of these places—or somewhere completely different—leave a comment and let us know!

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6 thoughts on “Watching Subtitled Korean Dramas Everywhere

  1. Came over her from the Pride and Prejudice discussion in the Dramabeans Open Thread! I’m watching kdramas from Guyana, South America, was introduced to them by a friend in Belize, and recently discovered that a friend in Dominica (not the Dominican Republic) in the Caribbean is also a fan.

  2. Yay! I had a friend from Guyana years ago, and I was hoping there are some English subtitle watchers there. Next time I make this map, I can put South American on it, too. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I live in the US but I saw a commercial for a dubbed korean drama on the Spanish soap opera channel Pasiones recently. It was for Secret Garden which is my first korean drama that I watched so I got kinda excited to see it was going to be on television. I’m not sure if this channel airs in all of Latin America but I’m sure it does in at least parts of South or Central America.

  4. I discovered Kdramas over a year ago and I’m not completely hooked. Live in Lagos, Nigeria. Also, quite a lot of my friends and some random people I’ve met at shoots for work also watch them so I’m guessing the Hallyu wave is spreading well here.

    • I love that there are more and more people watching from the Spanish-speaking world, even though you have some great telenovelas in your own language!

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