Soundtrack Love: Ex-Girlfriend Club OST

Updated June 15 with latest official OST releases, but incidental music still very hard to identify!

Set aside for a moment the annoying news about TvN cutting Ex-Girlfriend Club short. I’ve been humming a couple songs from the soundtrack nonstop, and now I’ve tracked them down.

In recent episodes, a common theme in the background has been the moody song “Dreamlike,” by Vodka Rain. I’ve started humming it all the time. The lyrics are sad, but since they’re in Korean I don’t get too depressed listening to it. I can’t find anywhere to download it from, but the track is at Sound Cloud.


I’m also fascinated with the song that plays when Myeong-Soo and Soo-Jin meet up again in episode 1. It’s an English song with an old-fashioned vibe reminiscent of the Beatles or the Monkees. The tune is cheerful, but the lyrics are about death and lost love. Turns out it’s “Alone Again (Naturally)” by Gilbert O’Sullivan. Given it was top of the charts in the US at one point, I’m surprised I’d never heard it before. But then again, it went gold in 1972, a couple years before my time.


The opening credits song is by Jannabi, who also did the recent credits music for Let’s Eat 2. The official OST songs by Jannabi and Soran are at iTunes, as is “Alone Again (Naturally).”

“Alone Again” is a cool choice for this show, because it reminds me that most of the time as adults, we’re on our own, whether we’re single, separated, momentarily bored with a marriage, or just working in a different part of town from our main squeeze. If you’re lucky to have big romantic passion, it still doesn’t take up your whole life. Many moments of the day we’re alone, naturally. And that could be tragic or it could just be normal. The sad lyrics and cheerful tune allow you to decide how you want to interpret it. ♥

Postscript: Thanks to Camille’s sleuthing, here is the Rose of Sharon Has Bloomed by Lee Seol-Ah:

And the final official OST song is “Waltz” by Every Single Day. Great track.

48 thoughts on “Soundtrack Love: Ex-Girlfriend Club OST

  1. There’s also that song that plays when Soo Jin is alone checking out places for the movie set. That piece had a piano in there. I found myself humming along with it. I really like that one. Hopefully, they put the soundtrack out there later for us. I’d put it on replay as I did with Auditory Hallucinations by Jang Jae from KMHM.

    • Ooo, awesome! I love this track, especially that it starts with the little kid singing the playground Rose of Sharon song. I’ve gone slightly nuts trying to track down other bits of incidental music, but with little luck. I loved the music during her location-scouting sequence too.

  2. Oh maybe one of you talented people can find the song that plays in episode 5 – ~44 minutes in when MS is telling of the fake first kiss when he went down to surprise SJ in Chungmuro. Piano with male vocals. I think this is also the same as what is playing in episode 6 just after 40 minutes, as well as the instrumental that is played at ~15 minutes in to episode 5. If these are not the same I would want those as well.

    Alone again was a good choice and for me it set a lot of the mood of the show. Upbeat with a hint of sadness. But I also recognized the song immediately. I often note that english songs are quite well chosen in some shows and suspect those shows also have well chosen Korean songs and that I am missing out by not having them in background.

      • Oh I hope you can find them. I finally took a moment to go check out the scene Camille mentioned of SJ checking out film sites. That is the same as the one I mentioned. Glad I am not the only one who likes it. I wanted to review the scene Akirin mentioned but was not entirely sure which it was.

  3. ExGC’s OST along with KMHM’s song, as it is stated by Camille above, and the fascinating H2H’s OST might be the the 3 masterpieces in kdramaland this year. I’m so thrilled other people than myself have been enjoying these wonderful themes. Even though tvN has saddened me tremendously lately, the musical scores they have been coming up with are simply AMAZING!

  4. I can’t help it when I keep on humming and trying to look for the song (with piano and male vocals, which is so cute), ever since the first time I heard it. Can’t sleep because I keep on thinking of the song.

    • A couple people have mentioned this one–I’m going to keep looking to see if I can find out what it is!

      • As I kept looking for this mysterious song I came about your post. Now I Know I’m not the only one losing sleep over this song lol
        I really hope you or any of the ones searching for it can find it. I’ll keep looking too!!!^^

  5. There is also this song that has… “we shall get there someday” in the lyrics…it’s a soft song, a girl seems to sing it and it’s so calming. I have been looking for it endlessly…would love to know the title. help would be appreciated!! 😀
    This drama is lovey! a shame they’ve shortened it.

  6. Hey guys. I am also having a hard time looking for this song played in episode 1 when soojin and myungsoo was waiting for a bus after watching some concert together. Been searching everywhere and still can’t find the song. I will be so so so so thankful if anyone recognizes it and tell me the title or the singer. Thanks.

  7. Do you guys know the song in ep 7 around the 54 minute mark, it sounds so soothing, I tried shazaam, but it didn’t know the song T_T

  8. what is song episode 10, on minute 07:10 ? ..
    I’ve been going crazy looking for this song so badly, its drive me nuts 🙁

  9. I found everything I wanted except one in episode 6 where Soo Jin is lured out by girls who are setting up the meeting for her and director and when they are noticed by Myong Soo there’s another track along the roses of sharon ://// I’ve searched everything please send me the link if you know

  10. Has no one figured out the song in ep 7 when Myungsoo is taking pictures? I’m dying to know. I’ve tried looking for it everywhere and I can’t figure it out.

  11. Can someone please help me to find the song played in episode 2, I forgot the exact time but it’s a flash back of Soo Jin when Myeong Soo gave her the notebook with drawing and greet her happy birthday. Thanks!

  12. Can anyone help me to find one of the songs in ep 12? It starts when Soo Jin is watching Myeongsoo working (in his house). Minute 37:40. thank you so much!

  13. Can someone please help me to find the song played in episode 2, I forgot the exact time but it’s a flash back of Soo Jin when Myeong Soo gave her the notebook with drawing and greet her happy birthday. Thanks!

  14. Hi! I am searching for this background song from Episode 7. It starts in the 11th minute (20 sec) of the episode. Who knows the artist name and song?

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