Last KMHM Post!

kill me heal me episode 7 rooftop message heal me medOkay, maybe I have a small problem.

Yesterday I thought I was moving on—we can get past this! I can watch other stuff!—but then today I started missing Kill Me, Heal Me again. Darn you, Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-Eum!

I’ve been trying to wean myself off KMHM by watching dramas from Ji Sung’s dark past—and I’ll share reviews soon.

But recovery is never a straight path and I got side-tracked in my recovery when I discovered a couple fan made videos I hadn’t seen before. Since at this point I have a whole YouTube playlist of my favorite FMVs for this drama, I’m sharing it here, organized from the least strange to the most psychedelic.

But eat your veggies first! And don’t watch too much at one time or you’ll get a stomach ache!



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8 thoughts on “Last KMHM Post!

  1. Awesome collection to bring a smile on your face 🙂
    My Kdrama break continues. I tried watching its ok its love, but got bored midway through. It was something about how inept GHJ’s character was as a doctor. But that led to a new found appreciation of indefatigable KDrama bloggers.
    Any new dramas on the horizon for you? I am considering the girl who sees smells.. sounds like a fun concept!

  2. Don’t feel so bad, it kinda normal to feel that, and that video is good, My favorite is FOR NANA, it’s play on melody -if you like it clap your hand- a child song, sleepy video and eating edit video
    I watch Asian Drama since junior school and anime since primary school
    even until now, what I do is mostly re-watch the drama or anime even the manga I like for unrealistic reason and that is soo fine,
    I didn’t watch any drama in focus lately cause I actually wait for Hwajung, 50 ep of Saeguk Drama in slot Monday-Tuesday MBC, well..a long run with many things may get wrong in the middle and angst that wait for 25 weeks to feel free, hope I can stay that long
    but I kinda miss that kind of Drama, maybe I will find some character as fun as Bidam in Queen Seon Deok
    and Missing Noir M, – JTBC or tVn – crime scene drama, but just have 1 ep /week, it’s really look good
    also wait for The Gatsby Drama on May, and that’s all in my list….

    some watch :
    Angry Mom – bully, hard topic to cover, but bless with strong cast and truth
    Smell Girl – funny rom-com with murder lies as background story, looks like free chaebol but I think there’s must be but idk,

    do you have anything in mind, since I we can chat here if we did watch the same drama… or even not, ^-^

  3. I went looking for smelly girl, but got sidetracked by banners for Lets Eat Season 2, which led me to Lets Eat Season 1. 4 episodes in I’m loving it. Being somewhat of a foodie myself, the show is right up my alley. And the lead actress is pitch perfect in her portrayal of the neurotic office lady/secretary. It feels like a slice of life kind of drama so nice change in pace too. Plan to marathon angry mom later. Smelly girl is still on my list.. maybe after finishing lets eat.

  4. Hi chingus! Because I spent most of the day driving, I was tired tonight and watched the first two eps of Fall for Sung Joon (aka Falling for Innocence–though I’m not sure where they got that title). Even though I want to see Smell Girl, I don’t feel like I’m ready for Perry Park-free comedy yet. And I like Shin Se-Kyung, so I have good hopes for Smells. Putting it off a little while. But Fall for Sung Joon was the right one for the end of a long week. The first two episodes are pretty pure melo, no one asked me to laugh. In fact, it was pretty sad. I like Kim So-Yeon a lot, and I like that the first thing we learn about her character is that she’s really, really good at her job. Of course, she’s also very nice and slightly naive, but her character is so good at her job it’s almost supernatural.

    It’s a chaebol thing, but the leads got me interested, and the villain (or potential villain?) is played by Park Young-Gyu, who makes a great evil dad. It moves along nicely. (And, um, if I have to confess, I like the absurd fantasy world of TV chaebols. It’s like Downton Abby.) It’s relaxing–I can watch some of it without needing to make reference charts.

    Let’s Eat 1 is a great slice of life. A little bit too much food for me in the end–I enjoyed it but couldn’t remember much about it afterwards. Great characters, though. And, omo, I love the way the guy gets really intense if someone disses the food, and delivers those speeches about cuisine. And everything about the neighbors looking out for each other.

    I’m actually really glad to have a breather without a show I’m into. I started blogging “Pride and Prejudice” in late October because no one was writing about it–and come on, it was Choi Jin-Hyuk’s last pre-army show! But when that ended, I was straight into my own Healer mania and writing about KMHM. So this is the first time in almost five months I don’t have specific days of the week going to shows. It feels good. With a little rest, I’ll be ready for the next show that’s so complicated it requires reference charts…..

  5. @anastasya Any shows on your horizon?

    I am going to have to revise my opinion of Lets Eat from excellent to above average. It went down with the lead actress’ character taking a dive from lovable neurotic foodie to rude childish glutton 🙁 I am still watching for the rest of the characters though.

    • @pranx: Good description of the main character in Let’s Eat. There were some things I couldn’t forgive her for. The rest is good. And the title song! I love that track.

  6. Just stopped by to post that Ji Sung is nominated for Best Actor and KMHM for Best Drama category at Baeksang awards. Ji Sung FTW!
    Punch (the other drama I obsessed over) too has best drama and best actor nominations. And best screenplay too. (I think its a shoo-in for that category)

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