27 Awesome Shin Se Gi Moments

I didn’t start out as a Shin Se-Ki fangirl, but I realized today that I’m going to miss Shin Se-Ki every bit as much as Cha Do-Hyun and Oh Ri-Jin.

The thing that makes him repellent at first—his anger and need for violence—ends up looking logical, when we learn about the past. And throughout Kill Me, Heal Me, he makes steps towards learning restraint. You can see why he’s bitter at the end that he doesn’t have more time to try to win Oh Ri-Jin. He almost became a good guy.

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Or maybe not. Until the end, he still can’t stop trying to choke his enemies to death. And Shin Se-Ki never had to live Cha Do-Hyun’s mundane life. He got the exciting bits, the fights and the wild nights out.

One thing is for sure. Shin Se-Ki didn’t give up without a fight. We know at the end that Cha Do-Hyun and Oh Ri-Jin owe him thanks. Maybe Shin Se-Ki is ready to go because he knows that as much as he wants to be a person, he’s always going to be a shadow. Does he really want to go through the boring parts of life, the business meetings and the wearing of neck ties?

Or maybe he loves Oh Ri-Jin that much: like Oh Ri-On, he’ll give up on her if it makes her happy. There’s a streak of noble self-sacrifice running through his story.

Here are some of my fave Shin Se-Ki screenshots and quotes. I tried to pare it down…but still found 27. Enjoy.

Thanks, Ji Sung oppa, for the many great characters!

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12 thoughts on “27 Awesome Shin Se Gi Moments

  1. *Tear* This made me laugh then mope. ITS OVER!!! The nostalgia is real. I need something to distract me. Preferably on a Wednesday and Thursday. But not Hyde, Jekyl and me. And something as good as KMHM. Heh, my expectations are too high. T_T. Cheers to THE k-drama of all time.

    • It’s sinking in, now that the weekend’s over, it’s Monday morning, and I’m not counting down the hours in my head. I have seen all of KMHM! There’s no more! Very sad and satisfying at the same time. Sigh. As Yo Sub says, “The wind rises…We must try to live.’

  2. I didn’t start out as a Se-gi fangirl either, but he kept me keyed for a laugh. With his straight-face cheese, sudden bursts of ludicrousness, and remarkable likeness to a sullen teenager, I couldn’t help but like him. And later on, he even stopped with the demanding-wrist/arm-grabbing. I was proud that he grew up some too.

    My top 3…ha impossible okay 5:

    1) the chair roll of epicness
    2) all his scenes with Ki-joon. The snark is strong with this one
    3) wheel of fortune
    4)”I will not use violence. Dammit.”
    5) his indecent proposal to Chae-yon *no shame*…okay a tad, but let’s be real

    bonus: (yes I cheated): lil Se-gi for inciting genuine chills

    (And to be a bother: *slow chants* Perry! Perry! Perry! He so did not get enough screentime. Ji Sung should totally visit 3 Meals a Day Fishing Village in character. Perry would be over the moon, and probably show up with moonshine.)

  3. now I know I’m not crazy. I thought I was “too invested” because of the serious withdrawals I’ve been experiencing. Never has a drama left me happy, still wanting more but satisfied with the results at the same time. Truly the writing, directing and acting were just as good in KMHM as they were in Secret. I cannot wait for HGE and JS to pair up again.

    • You’re not alone! 🙂 It’s a wonderful thing when a story can touch us this deeply. Truly, JS and HGE are amazing, and it’s beautiful how well they work together. I even like watching the behind the scenes clips, which I’m not normally into, because I love that everyone seems to be having fun. I’m not sure what to do with myself now, though!

  4. i really really miss him if he do not appear in 16,17,18 ep. i waited him not cha do hyun!!!! cha do hyun just die.. let se gi survive!!! =.=

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