Sharing Liebster Love around the Blogosphere

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One of the things that drew me into watching K-dramas is the great fan blogs. And one of the things that drew me into blogging about K-dramas is the great fan blog readers. I keep writing here because I’m thrilled when readers visit the site and get something out of it. Thank you so much! Kamsahamnida! I was psyched a couple months … Read more

April Drama Report: Ratings & Reviews

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We have a wave of new shows starting over the next few weeks: Warm and Cozy (formerly known as Jeju Island Gatsby), Producer, Masked Prosecutor and True Romance (formerly Chaebol’s Daughter). That makes now a good moment to pause and look at last month’s K-drama scene. One thing was clear in April: as we saw with Healer back in January, … Read more

How to Learn Korean from K-Dramas (“Kill Me, Heal Me” Edition)

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Study Korean with Ahn Yoo-Na! I love foreign languages, so this is a post for my fellow language geeks. I started trying to learn some Korean last May, because I was watching dramas a few hours a week. “Learning Korean” sounded like a great way to rationalize my new, very sedentary hobby. I know I’m not … Read more

“Kill Me, Heal Me” Episodes 5 & 6

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This week’s episodes of Kill Me, Heal Me keep up the balance of humor and “feels,” but the subtitles don’t always do the show justice. 1. Subtitles Make Me Want to Study Korean Harder Sometimes it only takes one mistranslated pronoun to change my entire understanding of a story. When Cha Do-Hyun’s family genealogy became … Read more