Ex-Girlfriend Club Episodes 9 & 10: “I Should Know, Since I Dated Him”

Take a few million awkward moments, breed them to produce a thriving population of pure-bred awkward moments, then gather them together to form a massive super-organism of the worst moments ever, and you have the awkward moments in episodes 9 and 10 of Ex-Girlfriend Club. Luckily, the cute moments are also thriving and healthy in these … Read more

Ex-Girlfriend Club Episodes 7 & 8: “Let’s Be a Real Couple”

ex-girlfriend club episode 8 song ji hyo byun yo han couple shoes thumbnail

We’ve seen that Myeong-Soo and Soo-Jin trust each other deeply when the times are tough. But as things look better for the movie in episodes 7 and 8, it’s hard for our central couple to maintain that closeness. Why is trust harder when things are going well? The “Girlfriend Buffalo” movie takes a back seat in these … Read more

Ex-Girlfriend Club Episodes 5 & 6: Oppa’s here for you

Ex-Girlfriend Club ep 6 do sang woo thumbnail

The characters in Ex-Girlfriend Club are smart, good-looking people who would be great catches if not for one small flaw—romance is their kryptonite. Relationships trigger their self-destruct mode. And in episodes 5 and 6 we see that Director Geun is no better than the rest of them. Until now, he’s been enjoying watching everyone else … Read more

“Ex-Girlfriend Club” Episodes 3 & 4: “I don’t want to be your friend.”

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I’m loving Ex-Girlfriend Club more than any of the other new shows. It’s primarily a comedy, with hints of real emotions underneath. But episode 3 begs the question, why does Soo-Jin think she and Myeong-Soo were going out? This misunderstanding isn’t the central premise of the show. The story is really about dramatizing Myeong-Soo’s webtoon. … Read more

Uncapping Ex-Girlfriend Club Episodes 1 & 2: Surprisingly Fun

K-dramas like to be over-the-top. These shows are about how life feels, not how life actually is. So when the ex-girlfriends show up in new tvN drama Ex-Girlfriend Club, they’re outrageous. As corporate diva Jang Hwa-Young, actress Lee Yoon-Ji looks like she may actually start breathing fire out of her nostrils like Smaug the dragon. But … Read more