“Pride and Prejudice” Ep. 12: Who Wants to Kill Prosecutor Koo?

medium pride and prejudice episode 12 baek jin hee flustered

Evil never sleeps, except perhaps in the office, feet propped up on the desk, waiting for a midnight cell phone call. “Pride and Prejudice” ep. 12 spans Koo Dong-Chi’s last day before transferring. It’s another one of those 24 hour days, in which none of the main characters sleep or even doze off. Are they … Read more

“Pride and Prejudice” Ep 10: Who’s Kang Soo Anyway?

pride and prejudice episode 10 baek jin hee

“Pride and Prejudice” episode 10 quickly answers the question, is Kang-Soo actually Han Byul? But the answer raises more questions. “Pride and Prejudice” Tuesday saved the biggest twist for the final ten seconds—as always. This show loves last-minute surprises. I’m half-expecting the final episode to contain a major revelation right before the credits roll. But … Read more

Pride and Prejudice Ep 9: Sex, Secrets and a Reference Chart

pride and prejudice episode 9 choi woo shik jung hye seong kiss

This uncap includes bonus reference materials! And there won’t be a test. We’re roughly at the halfway point now, 9 episodes into a series scheduled for 20. No word yet on whether MBC will change scheduling to make up for last week’s sports preemption, so it’s possible we’re looking at a total of 19 episodes. … Read more

Pride and Prejudice (Korean) Ep 5 Uncap: Awesome

pride and prejudice korean ep 5 yeol moo takes kang soo's hand in ambulance

The lazy woman’s Pride and Prejudice recap: the Episode 5 Uncap K-dramas often don’t hit their stride until around the fourth or fifth episode, which is really good news for shows like this that start out strong from the get-go. This episode went so quickly I was surprised when it ended. Had it already been … Read more