Pride and Prejudice [Korean Drama] Ep. 7

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Pride and Prejudice [Korean] keeps the suspense going P&P loves gotcha endings. Two episodes in a row now have ended with me yelling at the screen, “What? Really? Impossible!” And for totally different reasons. Though the plotlines here are continuations of larger narratives, the episode also tells a self-contained story about wrapping up Cha Yoon-Hee’s … Read more

Pride and Prejudice Episode 6: Really?

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Figuring out Episode 6: an Uncap Long ago in Four Weddings and a Funeral, Hugh Grant’s character describes marriage as “just a way of getting out of an embarrassing pause in conversation.” The K-drama version of this axiom is that a kiss can be a way for a scriptwriter to get out of an episode … Read more

Pride and Prejudice (Korean) Ep 5 Uncap: Awesome

pride and prejudice korean ep 5 yeol moo takes kang soo's hand in ambulance

The lazy woman’s Pride and Prejudice recap: the Episode 5 Uncap K-dramas often don’t hit their stride until around the fourth or fifth episode, which is really good news for shows like this that start out strong from the get-go. This episode went so quickly I was surprised when it ended. Had it already been … Read more

“Pride and Prejudice” [K-drama, natch] Episode 4 Uncap

pride and prejudice episode 4 baek jin hee gets hand off to conclude case kdrama today

The mystery of the dead foster child is solved, Chief Moon shows scraps of decency, and Koo Dong-Chi and Han Yeol-Moo start reckoning with their shared past. If you’re watching “P&P” (forgive me, Jane Austen!), what do you think so far? I’m cautiously hooked. Is it going to disappoint down the road? The ending of … Read more

Pride and Prejudice [K-drama] Uncap Episodes 2&3

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As of episode 4, this show is perfectly balancing office conflicts with personal drama. The narrative braids the two together tightly. Yeol-Moo is making waves in the office because she’s driven by her personal history. The office conflicts lead to more revelations about the past and confrontations with Prosecutor Koo. I’m not sure where her character … Read more

Pride and Prejudice [the K-drama] Uncapping Episode 1

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New drama “Pride and Prejudice,” which started on MBC last week, isn’t getting a lot of attention in English. Why not? Probably because it’s up against stiff competition on Monday and Tuesday nights. I’m forced to take action and speak up for this show, which has a lot of potential. I don’t have time to produce … Read more