“Kill Me, Heal Me” Episodes 5 & 6

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This week’s episodes of Kill Me, Heal Me keep up the balance of humor and “feels,” but the subtitles don’t always do the show justice. 1. Subtitles Make Me Want to Study Korean Harder Sometimes it only takes one mistranslated pronoun to change my entire understanding of a story. When Cha Do-Hyun’s family genealogy became … Read more

“Kill Me, Heal Me” Episodes 1 to 4: The Mental Illness Wave is Here

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Mental illness is sexy on Korean television right now. I doubt there’s a good explanation why—given the notoriously chaotic K-drama production schedules, it has to be partly coincidence that three dramas about mental illness are currently airing. They could just as easily have broadcast in different months. But I guess we got—lucky? “Heart to Heart” … Read more