“Kill Me, Heal Me” Ep 12: Still, Don’t Touch the Hair

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Kill Me, Heal Me keeps the plot advancing at just the right speed. I’m satisfied with the development in each episode, but desperate for the next one. The best thing about episode 12 is the development in Cha Do-Hyun’s character. But the story moves forward in key ways: Chairwoman Seo’s agents follow Shin Se-Gi to the … Read more

“Kill Me, Heal Me” Ep 11: Don’t Touch the Hair!

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Kill Me, Heal Me episode 11 elegantly balances its humor, romance and suspense. It always amazes me that the crew and cast can put together a great show this quickly, given how fast they have to produce footage under Korea’s “live shoot” production system. But they deliver again! We’ve got plot development here, excellent comic scenes, and a … Read more

“Kill Me, Heal Me” Ep 10: Shin Seki’s Turn

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I can’t believe I almost dropped this show a month ago. Now that we’re at the halfway point, Kill Me, Heal Me has got its hooks into me deep. It’s my favorite kind of story, one where the characters keep getting more and more complicated. I love that the writer and director take dissociative identity … Read more

Kill Me, Heal Me Ep. 9: Oh Ri-On Gets Tough

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In episode 9, Oh Ri-On took off his cute twin brother mask and showed himself a full-on tortured second lead. I wasn’t sure if I would buy this character as anything other than Oh Ri-Jin’s quirky brother, but he does some grade-A brooding here. Even though he knows his feelings would devastate his sister and … Read more

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 8: “I’m Cha Do-Hyun.”

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So seductive. I still have a million reservations about Kill Me, Heal Me‘s patient-psychiatrist relationship. And episode 8 makes me uncomfortable again and again, as Oh Ri-Jin moves into Cha Do-Hyun’s house, commits to helping him 24-7, and convinces him to “consult” with her for an hour a day—as a friend? Or as a therapist? … Read more

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 7: Boundaries


Kill Me, Heal Me delivers great story-telling in episode 7. I could also probably use some psychotherapy for having liked it so much. Even before episode 8 makes it into subtitles, I have to write something about how this show is flirting with unethical medicine. Oh Ri-Jin is training to be a psychiatrist. She’s still … Read more