“Protect the Boss” (Series Review)

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Note: I wasn’t watching K-dramas in 2011 (that was my anime and manga era), so my window to the “old days” has mostly been the archives at Drama Beans. Alas, that meant it took me a long time to discover “Protect the Boss.” I think it’s possible DB didn’t pay “Protect the Boss” much attention because it came … Read more

“Commercial Film” Curiosities: Ji Sung vs Jeon Ji-Hyun

I will never stop being impressed by fan energy. The creative thinking, hard work, artistic know-how and time that go into fan videos, illustrations, fiction, etc., could power the world for days on sheer brain electricity. An example is the giant collection of fan-made Kill Me, Heal Me videos over at the Talking Cupboard. (Careful: … Read more

“Kill Me, Heal Me” Ep 20: You are Me, I am You

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I can measure my enjoyment of a show by how sad I feel when the final credits roll. By that standard, I adored Kill Me, Heal Me—every magnificently deranged minute. The finale contains a few surprises, most notably two short encounters with Mr. X. I can still imagine seven different ways for the show to … Read more