“Royal Family” (Series Review)

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Some viewers say the ending of 2011 drama Royal Family is confusing. After watching some of it, I’d have to say the beginning and middle don’t make much sense either. But such is the sad life of a fangirl. Because Ji Sung plays first lead in this 18-episode stinker, I watched the entire first episode. I also clicked through … Read more

“Swallow the Sun” (Series Review)

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In my imagination, the paperwork for an official License to Fangirl includes this question: which of the actor’s lesser-known and/or lesser-appreciated works have you seen? I have an answer for that question now. I’d never heard of Swallow the Sun, a 25-episode drama from 2009, but it stars Ji Sung. Naturally I had to watch it. I hope someday to be able … Read more

Last KMHM Post!

Okay, maybe I have a small problem. Yesterday I thought I was moving on—we can get past this! I can watch other stuff!—but then today I started missing Kill Me, Heal Me again. Darn you, Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-Eum! I’ve been trying to wean myself off KMHM by watching dramas from Ji Sung’s dark past—and I’ll share reviews soon. But … Read more

The Bit with Spoilers: “Secret” (a.k.a. “Secret Love”)

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Note: This is part two of my post about Secret—the bit with spoilers. If you’re planning on watching the show, I recommend the main review post, which doesn’t contain spoilers.  If you want to tell a twisted story of despair and grief, you might do better to use film as your medium rather than television drama. K-dramas can … Read more

“Secret” (a.k.a. “Secret Love”) Series Review

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Note: It’s the truth. I haven’t entirely moved on from Kill Me, Heal Me. But that’s a good excuse to write about other dramas with Ji Sung, who definitely knows how to pick the odd, interesting projects. If you want to see Ji Sung playing a good guy, Secret (2013) isn’t your show. We first meet his character, … Read more