Ten Most Memorable 2015 K-Drama Scenes (Part 1 of 2)

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I’m enjoying the end-of-year wrap-ups at Dramabeans, but the new format this year got me thinking about the 2015 K-dramas that won’t get a mention. While my favorites Kill Me, Heal Me, I Remember You and Healer get plenty of love, there were a few mediocre shows that also came up with memorable scenes. I don’t want to forget the things … Read more

Man Tears (Elements of K-Drama Style Series)

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Somewhere in the second act of Queen of Reversals—the third K-drama I ever watched—I saw the most amazing, unbelievable thing. The second lead cries while sleeping. As he rests in the passenger seat of his car, with the heroine at the wheel, he appears to be sound asleep. But then, one lone tear slowly trickles … Read more

“Hwajung” (“Splendid Politics”) Episodes 17 & 18

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Episodes 17 and 18 of Hwajung (aka Splendid Politics) deliver the pay-off we’ve awaited since early in the series. The Queen Mother’s arrest forces the princess to reveal her identity. After last week’s episodes, which occasionally got bogged down in MIBTIR (Men in Beards Talking in Rooms), it was a good change of pace. The … Read more

May Drama Report: Ratings & Reactions

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It’s a sad fact that K-drama creators depend on unpredictable audience ratings and equally unpredictable production decisions. TvN brought it home for fans of Ex-Girlfriend Club this month when it shortened the romantic comedy due to low ratings. But even without reminders like this, I never forget that “audience engagement” has a big influence on the stories producers choose to tell. For … Read more

“Hwajung” Episodes 13 to 16: The Eye of Mercy

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Even if you’re not watching Hwajung, there’s one thing about it you should know: Han Joo-Wan is one to watch. In the role of Kang In-Woo, he hasn’t had as many scenes as first lead Seo Kang-Joon, who plays Joo-Won. But every time he appears on screen, he shows new sides to this character. Episodes 13 … Read more

“Hwajung” Episodes 11 & 12: “But I Touched Her Hand!”

Hwajung episode 12 Lee Yeon-Hee thumbnail

Joo-Won is horrified to discover Hwa-Yi is a girl. He can be so tough and resourceful sometimes, but offend his propriety and he’s got no idea what to do. It’s hard to say what bothers him more, the fact that Hwa-Yi has lied to him, or the fact that Joo-Won has accidentally spent time with … Read more