10 Most Memorable 2015 K-Drama Scenes (Part 2 of 2)

Yesterday I posted numbers 6–10, while in the meantime I agonized over which scenes from 2015 K-dramas would get the final places of honor. I was trying hard to choose only one scene from each show, but as you’ll see, I gave up in the end. Despite my disappointment with a few big-hype K-dramas this year, … Read more

Ten Most Memorable 2015 K-Drama Scenes (Part 1 of 2)

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I’m enjoying the end-of-year wrap-ups at Dramabeans, but the new format this year got me thinking about the 2015 K-dramas that won’t get a mention. While my favorites Kill Me, Heal Me, I Remember You and Healer get plenty of love, there were a few mediocre shows that also came up with memorable scenes. I don’t want to forget the things … Read more

“Kill Me, Heal Me” Ep. 18: “That’s How I Endured It”

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Thank you, Show! I put a lot of faith in you after episode 17, and you amply rewarded me. I knew Cha Do-Hyun and Oh Ri-Jin could work their problems out if they just stopped “fussing over this and that,” as Perry Park calls it. We even get some humor here. All in all, episode … Read more

February Drama Report: Ratings & Reviews

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Check out the report for March as well. My curiosity about what happens next on Kill Me, Heal Me has become a raging obsession. I lost sleep last night worrying about Cha Do-Hyun and Oh Ri-Jin. And the episode 17 preview didn’t ease my mind, either. I’m going to have panda eyes by the time … Read more

K-Drama Ratings: “Pride and Prejudice” vs “Healer”?

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See also my reports on February’s top shows and March’s top shows. Television ratings are like K-drama award shows: they don’t say everything about the quality of a show, but they do make a big difference to the industry. The whole existence of scripted television relies on producers’ belief that telling stories is a good … Read more