How to Learn Korean from K-Dramas (“Kill Me, Heal Me” Edition)

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Study Korean with Ahn Yoo-Na! I love foreign languages, so┬áthis is a post for my fellow language geeks. I started trying to learn some Korean last May, because I was watching dramas a few hours a week. “Learning Korean” sounded like a great way to rationalize my new, very sedentary hobby. I know I’m not … Read more

March ’15 Report: The Addictiveness of Blogging about K-Dramas

It’s hard to say what’s more addictive, watching K-dramas or blogging about them. Because K-dramas fall gloriously beyond the bounds of American “good taste,” we don’t have to suffer fatuous Entertainment Weekly or Hollywood Reporter articles about the shows that intrigue and seduce us. The discussion of subtitled K-dramas takes place on big forums and … Read more

K-Drama Ratings: “Pride and Prejudice” vs “Healer”?

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See also my reports on February’s top shows and March’s top shows. Television ratings are like K-drama award shows: they don’t say everything about the quality of a show, but they do make a big difference to the industry. The whole existence of scripted television relies on producers’ belief that telling stories is a good … Read more