March ’15 Report: The Addictiveness of Blogging about K-Dramas

It’s hard to say what’s more addictive, watching K-dramas or blogging about them. Because K-dramas fall gloriously beyond the bounds of American “good taste,” we don’t have to suffer fatuous Entertainment Weekly or Hollywood Reporter articles about the shows that intrigue and seduce us. The discussion of subtitled K-dramas takes place on big forums and … Read more

Latest Site News + High Fives to K-Drama Bloggers

Back in 2001, anime fan and computer guy Nikolai Nolan got together with a few friends and started the Annual Weblog Awards, aka the Bloggies. I love the awards from this non-profit because they go to “old school” blogs—blogs that thrive on individual creativity, not corporate funding. It only takes 60 seconds to nominate your favorite K-drama blogs—for … Read more

Help a K-Drama Researcher!

person writing in journal thumbnail

person writing in journal thumbnailThe readers of K-Drama Today are as international as they come, so this won’t apply to everyone, but if you’re in the US, you may be able to help a grad student researcher looking at the Korean wave. She’s interested in talking to American K-drama fans who don’t have an “obvious” connection to Korea like Korean heritage. I’ll be interested to hear what she finds. Thank you to reader LaKaribane for sending me this link!

As of April 2015, I believe she’s concluded her research! Thank you to everyone who helped.

2014 Fan Favorites: Polling the Polls

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(Note: If you’re in the Philippines, I hope you’re staying dry and safe during the typhoon tonight!) Everyone agrees with my opinion, right? Or so I hope whenever I vote in year-end polls. I have a love/hate relationship with polls. I want to know what others think and I want them to know what I … Read more