Last KMHM Post!

Okay, maybe I have a small problem. Yesterday I thought I was moving on—we can get past this! I can watch other stuff!—but then today I started missing Kill Me, Heal Me again. Darn you, Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-Eum! I’ve been trying to wean myself off KMHM by watching dramas from Ji Sung’s dark past—and I’ll share reviews soon. But … Read more

March Drama Report: Ratings and Reviews

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The show I cared about most in March was Kill Me, Heal Me, but now it’s time to look around. What other shows did well in March? And what buzz-worthy shows should I check out now that we’ve run out of split personality dramas? Weekends Though I’m not into weekend dramas, I’m fascinated by the news that … Read more

Fans and Storytellers (Another “Kill Me, Heal Me” Tribute)


kill me heal me episode 9 ji sung yo na thumbnailWhen a story wraps itself around my heart, I’m happy to know I’m not the only one. Many of us miss Kill Me, Heal Me, all around the world. So I particularly enjoyed this Korean tribute to the KMHM fan community. Stories need audiences as much as audiences need stories. And it’s a special thing when they find each other. Thank you, Anastasya Vie, for the link!


“Commercial Film” Curiosities: Ji Sung vs Jeon Ji-Hyun

I will never stop being impressed by fan energy. The creative thinking, hard work, artistic know-how and time that go into fan videos, illustrations, fiction, etc., could power the world for days on sheer brain electricity. An example is the giant collection of fan-made Kill Me, Heal Me videos over at the Talking Cupboard. (Careful: … Read more