“King of Dramas” (Series Review)

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Anthony Kim may be the greatest of K-drama anti-heroes. The cold impresario at the center of the 2012 comedy King of Dramas doesn’t have a sense of humor himself, but he doesn’t need one. The Korean entertainment industry itself is funny. Even without the magnificent Anthony, this show would still be interesting for its behind-the-scenes look at … Read more

Discussion: Favorite K-Dramas?

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When regular reader Pranx recently challenged us to name our favorite K-dramas, I paused. Out of the ridiculous number of K-dramas I’ve watched, which ones really deserve to be favorites—and which ones are favorites just because I was in the right mood at the time? Even more troubling, what about all the great shows I haven’t … Read more

Kaede+Jun ‘Predicts’ the Ending of ‘Oh My Ghostess’

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Kaede+Jun featured this funny piece today about Oh My Ghostess, the likable romantic comedy that concludes this coming week on cable. The poll, which asks readers to predict the ending of the series, is revealing in more ways than one. I’ve enjoyed this show for its adorable leads, particularly for finally giving zany comedienne Kim Seul-Gi a … Read more

Sharing Liebster Love around the Blogosphere

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One of the things that drew me into watching K-dramas is the great fan blogs. And one of the things that drew me into blogging about K-dramas is the great fan blog readers. I keep writing here because I’m thrilled when readers visit the site and get something out of it. Thank you so much! Kamsahamnida! I was psyched a couple months … Read more