Ten Most Memorable 2015 K-Drama Scenes (Part 1 of 2)

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I’m enjoying the end-of-year wrap-ups at Dramabeans, but the new format this year got me thinking about the 2015 K-dramas that won’t get a mention. While my favorites Kill Me, Heal Me, I Remember You and Healer get plenty of love, there were a few mediocre shows that also came up with memorable scenes. I don’t want to forget the things … Read more

“Ex-Girlfriend Club” Episodes 11 &12 (Finale)

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The most interesting thing about Ex-Girlfriend Club from the beginning was how the simple story of Soo-Jin and Myeong-Soo’s friendship was transformed and took on a different meaning every time we learned something new. In the first three weeks of the series, each installment left us with a new impression of what happened back then and … Read more

May Drama Report: Ratings & Reactions

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It’s a sad fact that K-drama creators depend on unpredictable audience ratings and equally unpredictable production decisions. TvN brought it home for fans of Ex-Girlfriend Club this month when it shortened the romantic comedy due to low ratings. But even without reminders like this, I never forget that “audience engagement” has a big influence on the stories producers choose to tell. For … Read more

Ex-Girlfriend Club Episodes 9 & 10: “I Should Know, Since I Dated Him”

Take a few million awkward moments, breed them to produce a thriving population of pure-bred awkward moments, then gather them together to form a massive super-organism of the worst moments ever, and you have the awkward moments in episodes 9 and 10 of Ex-Girlfriend Club. Luckily, the cute moments are also thriving and healthy in these … Read more

Soundtrack Love: Ex-Girlfriend Club OST

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Updated June 15 with latest official OST releases, but incidental music still very hard to identify! Set aside for a moment the annoying news about TvN cutting Ex-Girlfriend Club short. I’ve been humming a couple songs from the soundtrack nonstop, and now I’ve tracked them down. In recent episodes, a common theme in the background has … Read more

Sadistic Cable Channel Does it Again: tvN Cuts Short “Ex-Girlfriend Club”

I have things to do today, but I can’t let this one rest. The news this morning that tvN is shortening Ex-Girlfriend Club from 16 episodes to 12 is pretty pathetic. I can think of one good reason for cancelling four episodes: maybe the drama writer based the plot on real-life exes who are threatening … Read more