Subtitled Love Affairs

pride and prejudice episode 17 grandmother med web

pride and prejudice episode 17 grandmother med web

Tuesday Update

Since there’s no “Pride and Prejudice” this week, we have another week to speculate about the mysterious corpse that just showed up.


Meanwhile, today you can check out my essay, “Subtitled Love Affairs: Why Millions of Americans Prefer Korean Television,” at the pop culture blog, the Hooded Utilitarian. The editor, Noah, is an interesting guy who writes about romances as well as comic books. Korean stuff goes under the radar here in the States, so I’m chiming in with some thoughts on K-dramas. Stop by and join the discussion.


You’ll see a few ads on the site these days, as I experiment with ways to pay for the endless supply of coffee that keeps me screen-capping into the wee hours. But I’m picky about what I advertise and I promise to stay classy.


Grandmother is annoyed that I never have time to write about her in the uncaps, so she gets her own screencap here. In one of my fantasy lives, I live at “Three Meals a Day” and grandmother forces me to eat delicious home-cooked dinners every day. We should all have this grandmother. I hope everyone gets some home-cooked food to celebrate the new year!


5 Secrets of Korean Drama Kisses (Elements of K-Drama Style Series)

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Updated, March 2015 Elements of K-Drama Style: Getting Deep about Screen Kissing— It’s easy to complain when television shows repeat familiar stuff, but repetition isn’t necessarily a bad thing: take the Korean drama kiss. When the central couple finally kiss in a K-drama, no one complains. We expect it, and if a romantic couple don’t … Read more

2014 Fan Favorites: Polling the Polls

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(Note: If you’re in the Philippines, I hope you’re staying dry and safe during the typhoon tonight!) Everyone agrees with my opinion, right? Or so I hope whenever I vote in year-end polls. I have a love/hate relationship with polls. I want to know what others think and I want them to know what I … Read more