Pride and Prejudice Ep 9: Sex, Secrets and a Reference Chart

pride and prejudice episode 9 choi woo shik jung hye seong kiss

This uncap includes bonus reference materials! And there won’t be a test. We’re roughly at the halfway point now, 9 episodes into a series scheduled for 20. No word yet on whether MBC will change scheduling to make up for last week’s sports preemption, so it’s possible we’re looking at a total of 19 episodes. … Read more

Pride and Prejudice Episode 8: Back on Track

pride and prejudice episode 8 choi jin hyuk smiles web thumbnail

Some humor relieves the angst in “Pride and Prejudice” episode 8, but the crime 15 years ago is looking more and more complex. Since episode 7 was full of despair, I was relieved that episode 8 took us back to a balance between drama and humor. The writer is doling out clues slowly, but steadily … Read more