“Pride and Prejudice” Ep. 17

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I love it when a plan comes together. This episode starts grim, but gives us a big dramatic payoff. The team arrest Director Lee for ordering Han Byul’s murder, our central couple get some cute moments together, and finally—finally!—everyone takes a nap. Well, everyone except Chief Moon, who never leaves the building and survives entirely … Read more

“Pride and Prejudice” Ep. 16

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Would it hurt “Pride and Prejudice” to tell us a tiny bit about the Hwa Young Foundation? What do they ostensibly do, besides control everyone in this story? If they’re going to be a major player, can we at least learn something about them, besides the fact that they like to give away platinum tie … Read more

“Pride and Prejudice” Ep 15: Shifting Allegiances

pride and prejudice episode 15 choi min soo

The surprises are fewer in episode 15, but more poignant. The story keeps winding the tension tighter without giving any breaks in the case—no answers, no hint that any of these conflicts can end well. It’s enough to make me nostalgic for the early episodes when each week our heroes solved a small, everyday, undramatic … Read more

“Pride and Prejudice” Ep 14

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In episode 14, the pain eases up, but not the tension. This is a “four heart-attack” episode. The plot managed to surprise me not once, not twice, but four times. The upstairs neighbors are probably worried about my health because of my cries of “What? You’re kidding me!” We’re accustomed to twists and turns in … Read more

“Pride and Prejudice” Ep. 13

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“Pride and Prejudice” episode 13 yields a few of the gut-wrenching emotional moments we’ve been dreading. As Koo Dong-Chi spends his last night on the job putting together the puzzle pieces, he finally knows as much as we do: Moon Hee-Man and Jang Chang-Gi were at the hit-and-run accident that killed Kang Soo’s mother. Kang … Read more

“Pride and Prejudice” Ep. 12: Who Wants to Kill Prosecutor Koo?

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Evil never sleeps, except perhaps in the office, feet propped up on the desk, waiting for a midnight cell phone call. “Pride and Prejudice” ep. 12 spans Koo Dong-Chi’s last day before transferring. It’s another one of those 24 hour days, in which none of the main characters sleep or even doze off. Are they … Read more