Pride and Prejudice (Series Review)

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Editor’s Note: I would never be able to write a concise review for this show, but it deserves one. It was unusual, thoughtful, and revealed a lot about the post-Sewol zeitgeist in Korea. So when my friend and Dramabeans recapper Saya didn’t have room for Pride and Prejudice in her end-of-2015 wrap-up, I grabbed the chance … Read more

Man Tears (Elements of K-Drama Style Series)

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Somewhere in the second act of Queen of Reversals—the third K-drama I ever watched—I saw the most amazing, unbelievable thing. The second lead cries while sleeping. As he rests in the passenger seat of his car, with the heroine at the wheel, he appears to be sound asleep. But then, one lone tear slowly trickles … Read more

Pride and Prejudice (Korean) Finale: 10 Reasons the Ending is Brilliant

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“Pride and Prejudice” stays loyal to its dark message in episode 21. From the beginning, “Pride and Prejudice” has depicted justice as elusive. Fictional lawyers on television can usually get the verdict they want. Whatever the flaws in the system, they can be overcome by a main character with the right stuff. Or perhaps overcome … Read more

“Pride and Prejudice” Ep 20: Park Man Geun Revealed

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Park Man-Geun remains scary even once we know who he is. I wasn’t sure if the writer could reveal Park Man Geun’s identity without ruining his mystique. But finding out that the villain has been easy-going Prosecutor Choi all along gives him a new mystique. As some viewers have observed, Choi seemed the obvious candidate. … Read more

K-Drama Feminism

pride and prejudice episode 20 choi jin hyuk thumbnailEpisode 20 of “Pride and Prejudice” got us back into the good stuff and I can’t wait for episode 21 tonight. I’ll be posting an ep. 20 uncap later today. Meanwhile, here’s a screencap of ep. 20 Choi Jin-Hyuk. He spends a lot of this episode looking worried.


Also, take a look at a piece I wrote for Ravishly: Why So Many American Feminists Like Sexist Korean TV Dramas. How’s that for a click-bait title? Let me know your thoughts and reactions. Enjoy!



“Pride and Prejudice” Ep. 19 Uncap

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So close and yet so far. Sometimes “Pride and Prejudice” gets me by the throat—episode 5, say, or episodes 17 and 18. And sometimes the pieces don’t add up, like in episode 19. It’s a bumpy ride here as we close in on the finale. It does appear that “Pride and Prejudice” will have two … Read more