Pride and Prejudice Episode 6: Really?

pride and prejudice episode 6 ending kiss baek jin hee choi jin hyuk

Figuring out Episode 6: an Uncap Long ago in Four Weddings and a Funeral, Hugh Grant’s character describes marriage as “just a way of getting out of an embarrassing pause in conversation.” The K-drama version of this axiom is that a kiss can be a way for a scriptwriter to get out of an episode … Read more

Pride and Prejudice (Korean) Ep 5 Uncap: Awesome

pride and prejudice korean ep 5 yeol moo takes kang soo's hand in ambulance

The lazy woman’s Pride and Prejudice recap: the Episode 5 Uncap K-dramas often don’t hit their stride until around the fourth or fifth episode, which is really good news for shows like this that start out strong from the get-go. This episode went so quickly I was surprised when it ended. Had it already been … Read more

“Pride and Prejudice” [K-drama, natch] Episode 4 Uncap

pride and prejudice episode 4 baek jin hee gets hand off to conclude case kdrama today

The mystery of the dead foster child is solved, Chief Moon shows scraps of decency, and Koo Dong-Chi and Han Yeol-Moo start reckoning with their shared past. If you’re watching “P&P” (forgive me, Jane Austen!), what do you think so far? I’m cautiously hooked. Is it going to disappoint down the road? The ending of … Read more

Pride and Prejudice [K-drama] Uncap Episodes 2&3

pride and prejudice episode 2 choi jin hyuk kdrama today

As of episode 4, this show is perfectly balancing office conflicts with personal drama. The narrative braids the two together tightly. Yeol-Moo is making waves in the office because she’s driven by¬†her personal history. The office conflicts lead to more revelations about the past and confrontations with Prosecutor Koo. I’m not sure where her character … Read more

Pride and Prejudice [the K-drama] Uncapping Episode 1

pride and prejudice episode 1 baek jin hee choi jin hyuk kdrama today

New drama “Pride and Prejudice,” which started on MBC last week, isn’t getting a lot of attention¬†in English. Why not? Probably because it’s up against stiff competition on Monday and Tuesday nights. I’m forced to take action and speak up for this show, which has a lot of potential. I don’t have time to produce … Read more