2015 Baeksang Nominations: Thoughts on Multiple Personalities vs. Schizophrenia [Updated 5/26]

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(5/26: Scroll down for results.) When the 2015 Baeksang nominations came out a few weeks ago, I looked for Ji Sung’s name first. And I was excited to see him nominated for best actor. I won’t try to hide the fact that I’m a fan of the Kill Me, Heal Me star. But the nominations also made … Read more

Choi Min-Soo Cites Sewol Disaster in Refusing Award

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Choi Min-Soo was channeling Chief Moon on Tuesday night. Instead of attending MBC’s end-of-year awards ceremony Dec. 30, the actor “respectfully declined” his acting award for “Pride and Prejudice.” His co-star Baek Jin-Hee read a statement from him, but was cut off in the middle before satisfying audience curiosity. Choi’s full statement has since then … Read more

End-of-the-Year Fun

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Last Chances to Vote!

gold-medal thumbprint webMBC has pre-empted this week’s episodes of “Pride and Prejudice” to air their entertainment and drama awards shows. We’ve lost three episodes to pre-emptions now, so the show will have to continue till Jan. 12 to finish its 20-episode commitment. A one-episode extension might take us to Jan. 13. I’m agnostic about an extension. “Pride and Prejudice” appears carefully plotted, so I’m not sure what an extension could add. But would I really complain about more Choi Jin-Hyuk?


Meanwhile, it’s the end of the year and there’s still time to check out the best, worst and silliest of end-of-year K-drama surveys. Since the beginning of December when I wrote about a few of the surveys out there, I’ve found a couple more:


The poll at KCON covers all things hallyu, so be prepared to have opinions on K-pop as well as K-dramas. It also includes a vote for best hallyu blog, with Couch Kimchi, Dramabeans, and half a dozen others in the running. Voting continues through Dec. 30.


Here’s another one, the vote for best drama at KoreanDrama.org. The site may have an odd approach to English grammar, but they have a great poll: only one question, eight finalists, nominated by folks at 37,844 different IP addresses in 139 countries. And who doesn’t want another chance to weigh in on the debate about whether or not “You from Another Star” was the best thing since sliced bread? It’s already tomorrow in Korea (from where I sit), so only one day and 21 hours left to vote!

2014 Fan Favorites: Polling the Polls

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(Note: If you’re in the Philippines, I hope you’re staying dry and safe during the typhoon tonight!) Everyone agrees with my opinion, right? Or so I hope whenever I vote in year-end polls. I have a love/hate relationship with polls. I want to know what others think and I want them to know what I … Read more

Jo In-Sung Picks Up Daesang Award (Finally!)

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Update: Episode 8 of “Pride and Prejudice” doesn’t air till Nov. 24. Torture! We’ll have to bide our time developing elaborate conspiracy theories about the murder fifteen years ago. Meanwhile, other stuff from Korean show business… Jo In-Sung Edges out Kim Soo-Hyun for APAN’s Daesang Award of 2014 When the nominations for the 2014 APAN … Read more

“It’s Okay, That’s Love” (Series Review)

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“It’s Okay, That’s Love” is a gutsy and outstanding story despite its bland title. Never judge a K-drama by its promotional ads. The poster image of Gong Hyo-Jin and Jo In-Sung in a bathtub is supposed to look cute. In fact, it looks chilly and uncomfortable. Of course they’re wrapped around each other—that porcelain’s cold. The script for … Read more