“Royal Family” (Series Review)

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Some viewers say the ending of 2011 drama Royal Family is confusing. After watching some of it, I’d have to say the beginning and middle don’t make much sense either. But such is the sad life of a fangirl. Because Ji Sung plays first lead in this 18-episode stinker, I watched the entire first episode. I also clicked through … Read more

“Protect the Boss” (Series Review)

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Note: I wasn’t watching K-dramas in 2011 (that was my anime and manga era), so my window to the “old days” has mostly been the archives at Drama Beans. Alas, that meant it took me a long time to discover “Protect the Boss.” I think it’s possible DB didn’t pay “Protect the Boss” much attention because it came … Read more

“City Hunter” (Series Review)

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“City Hunter” is a fast-moving action show, but its roots are planted in a dramatic father-son conflict. The action consists of smart cloak-and-dagger deceptions, martial arts fights and an extensive set-piece gun fight in the first episode. It’s dynamic television, but the thriller elements aren’t really the best thing about “City Hunter.” The bad guys’ schemes are … Read more

“Lie to Me” (Series Review)

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One of the things Korean television does very well is romantic comedy. While the rom-com genre dies a slow, painful death in the U.S., it’s thriving in Korea, and “Lie to Me” (2011) is a pretty typical example. It’s entertaining to watch and completely forgettable once the credits roll. Sometimes, this might be exactly what you’re … Read more

“Me Too Flower” (“I’m a Flower Too”) Series Review

Great central romance and annoying supporting characters. “Flowers” took on a challenge by making the heroine a depressed police officer. She’s a compelling character—you can see the atypical depression in how she walks like she’s carrying a huge weight—but she’s not fun. In the early episodes, she sometimes lashes out in ways that are downright … Read more