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odessa jonesSorry for being away from the site for so long!

I’ve been busy: Since February I’ve changed jobs, moved twice to two different cities and studied Korean full-time in Seoul for a couple months. I’ve also been putting a lot of time and energy into the essays and poetry I publish under my real name (Jessamine Price). Since pseudonymous blogging is entirely a labor of love, it’s the activity that gets squeezed out when I don’t have time.

But I miss talking to people about K-dramas. Though I don’t have time to write long pieces, I do want to share occasional ideas and hear what other people think. So my nom de plume Odessa Jones got herself a Twitter feed this week. Please follow me on Twitter!

I need to do some site maintenance to keep K-Drama Today up and running. I want to keep all these articles, essays and reviews available to everyone on the Internet. I’m also working on my dream of a Korea book.

But for the moment, I’ll be putting my new thoughts on Twitter. And I’m having discussions there with a fun group of fans, critics, podcasters, etc.

Find us all here: @KDrama_Today

Currently I’m watching Black. Come join me if you want to talk about Han Moo-Gang’s amazing black suits or Go Ara’s limited emotional range! ♥

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