“Pride and Prejudice” Ep. 17

I love it when a plan comes together.

This episode starts grim, but gives us a big dramatic payoff. The team arrest Director Lee for ordering Han Byul’s murder, our central couple get some cute moments together, and finally—finally!—everyone takes a nap.

Well, everyone except Chief Moon, who never leaves the building and survives entirely on a diet of coffee and cynicism.

We start out with a big problem: special prosecutor Choi is supposed to get Chief Moon’s testimony. But Choi knows Moon has an alibi, because Choi was with Moon on the 19th and 20th of December. Choi turns off the recording devices in the interview room and has a frank talk with Moon. The result? The two senior prosecutors agree a battle with Director Lee would be ugly and hard to win. Instead, they’ll offer Director Lee something in exchange for letting Moon off the hook: they’ll close the Han Byul investigation.

Dong-Chi is furious when Choi suggests this compromise. He meets with Chief Moon himself to argue. The conversation reveals that Director Lee was behind a few of the coincidences that brought the Public Welfare team together. Lee knew Yeol-Moo was Han Byul’s sister and essentially appointed Moon chief so that he would muzzle her.

But, Chief Moon adds, Lee didn’t know about Kang-Soo. And why did Yeol-Moo come to this particular office? he wonders. Dong-Chi finally tells Moon something very important: that he was an eyewitness 15 years ago.

Meanwhile, Prosecutor Choi informs Yeol-Moo and Kang-Soo that they’re shutting down the case. He patiently listens to Yeol-Moo’s frustrated indictment of the system, and agrees that the system failed.

After he leaves, Prosecutor Lee comes in, agitated. He blames Yeol-Moo that he doesn’t have a job to go to tomorrow. Dong-Chi interrupts, looking defeated. No message has come from above, he says. The team is still officially disbanded. He delivers a line that Chief Moon said in an earlier episode: “You’ve all acted heroically. And let’s stop now.”

What a downer! Even Prosecutor Lee looks surprised and annoyed. Kang-Soo is furious. Yeol-Moo pulls at her hair in frustration, grabs her coat and leaves.

A few minutes later, Dong-Chi and Kang-Soo are leaving the building with grim faces. Chief Moon—now back to roaming the halls—wishes them goodnight and then, almost as an afterthought, he adds, “Did Prosecutor Han rush off somewhere?” The slight smile on his face suggests he knows the answer.

pride and prejudice episode 17 baek jin hee choi jin hyuk embrace large webCut to Yeol-Moo entering Director Lee’s office in Seoul. She asks him to tell her truth about Han Byul, saying she doesn’t have a team or a job—she’s just a sister who wants answers.

Director Lee brushes her off again and again, but as he grows more impatient he starts admitting to things. Yeol-Moo isn’t trying to be clever, but her blunt approach is perfect. Lee finally offhandedly admits to ordering the murder, mainly because he wants to prove his superiority to this annoying girl. As she curses at him, and he leaps up and grabs her arm, the office door opens. Dong-Chi, Kang-Soo and Special Prosecutor Choi enter. Dong-Chi tells Yeol-Moo to arrest Director Lee.

As everyone leaves the office, Yeol-Moo breaks down completely and sinks to the floor. Dong-Chi lifts her to her feet and holds her while she cries. After she betrayed him by giving up the sex tape evidence, and after he betrayed her by giving up Han Byul’s case, it’s a relief to see that they can still draw strength from each other.

At dawn they’re driving together and talking comfortably. She thanks him for following her to Director Lee’s office. He apologizes for letting her go into the lion’s den alone. And then Dong-Chi shares good news: the higher-ups finally came through. The team will remain together.

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10 thoughts on ““Pride and Prejudice” Ep. 17

    • Was it really not? If it wasn’t a dream, I’m happy. But the fade out at the end of the kiss sequence and then panning into a shot of Dong-
      Chi asleep makes it look like it is. I really hope I’m wrong!

  1. It’s not a dream. MBC would have said anything on their article ,something like “Dong Chi dreamed a wet dream and YM unusually confesses”.Blame the PD!Besides I doubt we wouldn’t have grandmama comment on how YM should do what a young person should do (hence the confession) if it’s a dream sequence.But the shot and kiss is really good so I am satisfied.

    I found the weak horse comment are chilling,You would have thought Dong Chi & co are chess pieces of a complicated chess set,with Lee as the bishop sacrificed.

    And to reply @PBS comment – yes we should fear for Dong Chi,now they use Dong Chi and co to get rid of Lee they will turn now to Dong Chi.But YM move for handling out the chip is smart.She didnt hand it to Oh but to Hwa Young executor,Chang Gi,who technically is directly under Hwa Young’s , while Oh is an “affiliate” only.

    Hmm , Moon knew YM,and he knew Director Lee too. Didnt Lee pretty much confesses in the scene he ditches Moon?

  2. Thanks, pranx and neovd! The bad editing threw me onto totally the wrong track. Note to PD-nim: If you want me to believe something really happened, the next scene should start with ANYTHING other than the main character sleeping! This scene has annoyed me for days, because the conversation between YM and the grandmother really did seem to be setting up a confession. Everything makes more sense if it really happened. (And I’ll go write a correction.)

    It must be a symptom of watching too many K-dramas that I’m paranoid about directors trying to fake me out! 🙂

    And @ neovd, yes, I think Moon knew Lee was the culprit but didn’t have any evidence. So he took a chance on someone else getting evidence. I’m wondering if he actually set up his own arrest? Was he the one who fed evidence to DC? That might be too far-fetched. But Moon does think of people as chess pieces. That might be one reason Jung Chang-Gi dislikes him so much.

    Isn’t it great that YM has made some smart, important moves lately? I’m really loving her character now. No one else could have gotten Lee’s confession. Lee totally underestimated her.

  3. Thank you for giving us insights and comments about this drama. it is really a difficult drama that boggles your mind.. Continue to help us decipher mysteries and be withmusn as we are trying our best completing the pieces of puzzles to the end. Kudos to you!

  4. Pride and Prejudice really awesome. It’s really different whit others Kdrama. Love CJH. He is so talented. He is awesome in every character which he had played. God joob. Hopefully he always success in the future. Can’t wait for his next acting.

  5. The expression of happy serenity on DC’s sleeping face after that kiss was the setup for the torment that came after. Because, despite his bliss, something about the case would not allow him that luxury, making him sit up and review the statement again, make a call and set up yet another interrogation of, now, Panda’s Twin Brother. And the great thing about P&P’s that the questions were ones DC had had already asked the first time – “What about me? Why didn’t you kill me?” Twin couldn’t answer either time.

    With several episodes to go, I have an inkling the drama will remain true to its central message about the “system” and the imperfect individuals that compose it. And with the twists and turns it’s taken so far, I’m looking forward to the finale. Even if I cry me a river.

    • Isn’t it totally amazing?!? With episode 16, I was getting worried the writer couldn’t pull it off, but this ep was totally amazing. And, oh my gosh, that twist at the end. How insane is that?!?

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