“Pride and Prejudice” Ep. 19 Uncap

So close and yet so far.

Sometimes “Pride and Prejudice” gets me by the throat—episode 5, say, or episodes 17 and 18. And sometimes the pieces don’t add up, like in episode 19. It’s a bumpy ride here as we close in on the finale.

It does appear that “Pride and Prejudice” will have two episodes next week, bringing its episode count up to 21, but I get the sense in episode 19 that the writer is scrambling for solutions. Even with an additional episode, we might not get satisfying answers. We almost had some resolution, but the introduction of a second murder (of Kidnapper Baek) and the possibility that Chief Moon was at the factory that night—these new revelations are making the plot increasingly unwieldly. Not to mention the resurrection of dead witness Song Ah-Reum. What next?

The opening of the episode finds Dong-Chi stamping both indictments—the one for himself and his father. But he simultaneously comes up with new legal reasons why Moon can’t pursue the case. After a bitter argument, Moon insists on arresting him and his father anyway, telling Yoo Senior that this is the only way to keep Dong-Chi alive.

Yeol-Moo then comes through with a clever legal maneuver of her own. She frees Dong-Chi, but her defiance will probably mean the end of her career. Dong-Chi gets angry at her, but has the good grace to apologize. He calms down and thanks her for sacrificing herself so he can be free to finish the case.

Dong-Chi pursues Baek Man-Geun full throttle for the rest of the episode. We learn that no one knows what Baek Man-Geun looks like. Possibly the reason he wants to kill Song Ah-Reum is in case she can identify him. But if he’s invisible, his goons aren’t. Dong-Chi and Kang Soo are cornered by the same group of thugs we’ve encountered before, and they take a few punches. This time, though, Dong-Chi has called Yoo Senior for help. Yoo arrives with police back-up and they arrest the whole gang.

Amusingly, Dong-Chi puts Prosecutor Lee in charge of interrogating these guys. Lee makes me laugh as usual as he attempts to scare the goons by throwing things around his office. No surprise, it’s Gwang-Mi who interrupts to say the right things and actually get their testimony. She and Lee also help with tracking down that damn necktie pin, which may have belonged to Baek Man-Geun. But once again, the pin doesn’t tell us anything conclusive. Till now I’ve been hoping this is a statement on the elusive nature of justice, but it’s possible the writer doesn’t know whose necktie pin it is.

Dong-Chi brings in the thugs’ boss, who is the Fixer, acting as amiable as always. Moon and Dong-Chi try to get him to turn in evidence against all the other prosecutors he has worked for, including Baek Man-Geun.

Chief Moon’s motivations become clearer in a conversation with Dong-Chi. Dong-Chi says Moon isn’t just trying to find Song Ah-Reum, he’s trying to force Dong-Chi into compromising with Hwa Young. This would account for some of Moon’s actions, it’s true—but why?

One possibility is that Moon is trying to keep Dong-Chi from getting killed. But another theme here is that Moon is trying to mold Dong-Chi in his image. Moon doesn’t just want to get a promotion. He doesn’t just want to control people. He wants Dong-Chi to agree with him that it’s impossible to catch the real bad guys. He wants someone as smart as himself to tell him he’s right.

Dong-Chi asks if his life is in danger and Moon more or less assents. He asks Dong-Chi how he intends to prosecute people who are above the law. Dong-Chi answers with a speech that strikes me at first as self-righteous twaddle—the first twaddle we’ve heard from the normally canny young prosecutor. He insists that he won’t be killed if he and Moon do their jobs as prosecutors.

pride and prejudice episode 19 choi jin hyuk leaving moon's office. large optThe naive pomposity of his argument is somewhat offset by a great bit of direction: as Dong-Chi leaves Moon’s office, he sags and leans against the wall in fatigue. He looks like a man who has already been defeated—a man who does realize it might be impossible to catch the real bad guys.

In that light, his declaration looks like a dangerous move, but not a foolish one. When he says he won’t be killed if he and Moon do their jobs, he’s laying his cards on the table. He intends to pursue the case no matter what, and he’s daring Moon to join his side instead of standing in his way. He’s suggesting that if Moon actually helps him, they could catch Hwa Young.

He’s also showing that intense whistle-blower’s determination of his. He can’t stand to back down. But his stunned look as he leaves Moon’s office might indicate he’s aware of the danger.

Dong-Chi keeps the pressure on Moon throughout the episode. Moon has a choice: join Dong-Chi’s cause or else support corruption. Dong-Chi tells Moon and Jung Chang-Gi that he needs a photograph of Baek Man-Geun and he’s counting on them. This is how they can save him, he says. He delivers the request as if it’s an ultimatum. In fact, it is an ultimatum, except that the person he’s holding hostage is himself.

pride and prejudice episode 19 choi jin hyuk gives moon and jung ultimatem largeopt

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5 thoughts on ““Pride and Prejudice” Ep. 19 Uncap

  1. cut cut and clean.no more running around the bush Mr. writer. we want the two last episodes to make us smile and heave a sigh of relief and of course a happy ever after for DC and YM!!

  2. Mr. Writer, please give happy ending story for DC and YM.. If it is posibble, I want more episode fot Pride and Prejudice.. This drama can air longer than just 21 episodes.. Poor Kwang soo and Jung Chang Gi.. I can imagine if JCG dead.. He made the drama fun in the beginning and how he love kwang soo.. I can’t wait to know the look of BMG. Is he the one that already appeared at least once during episode 1 to 19? If he didn’t, mmmmm.. It is really weird if the culprit is the one who never appear during the drama.. Mmmmm..

  3. I want enjoy CJH acting more.. Is it posibble?? CJH please choose the good drama in the future.. I really like him in Gu Family Book (much2), Emergency Couple, The Divine Move, Fated to Love You, and Pride and Prejudice.. I can’t imagine that they are played by the same man, that was CJH. He has thousand face. I really like his acting. CJH ddn’t trapped in one character. He is awesome in his each character. I can’t imagine if he entry the army, I feel sad because I can’t see him for 2 years. Hopefully CJH always succes in the future. Can’t wait.

  4. @cities, I know, it’s so sad CJH has his army service starting next month! I love him in everything–he can play good guys and bad guys equally well. And he has that wonderful voice! Luckily he’s been busy so we have lots to re-watch the next 2 years. But I’m already so curious what he’ll do when he gets back. I’ll be missing him right there with you!

  5. No. No, I don’t want KS to forgive JCG already. Yes, the viewers can believe JCG’s undercover to unravel the Foundation a little from the inside. But there’s no reason for KS to know that, especially if JCG’s been so cold and robotic. I don’t like cheap mercy. JCG hasn’t redeemed himself yet and, given today’s crash, he might not ever get the chance.

    I’m as stubborn as DC. I totally think Moon opening the car trunk’s a fake-out. I thought from that intense DC/Moon face-off in Moon’s office that Chief had admitted to trying to protect DC all along (am I wrong?) – first, getting him transferred and away from danger; then trying to take the case away from him; even to arresting him to place him under protection. Again, I could be wrong… Chief’s computer showed the same location DC had on his phone. And was JCG surprised that KS was driving because Hwa Young planned on DC being in that car (and thereby literally “killing 2 birds with one” car crash)?

    Right before DC gave his “speech”, Moon’s exhausted query – “How to do that if those who disobey the law hide behind those same laws to ‘game’ the system?” It’s a miracle Moon hasn’t had a “Network” breakdown after 30 years of this.

    BTW, in the previous ep you mentioned the shot of Moon sitting in his office with the reflection on the window washing over him. Every time PD-nim does that, it’s sooo poignant. How his office window reflects rows and rows of lighted windows across from him, eerily reminding me of grates imprisoning him. Lights that don’t enlighten.

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