“Pride and Prejudice” Ep 14

In episode 14, the pain eases up, but not the tension.

This is a “four heart-attack” episode. The plot managed to surprise me not once, not twice, but four times. The upstairs neighbors are probably worried about my health because of my cries of “What? You’re kidding me!”

We’re accustomed to twists and turns in “Pride and Prejudice.” In that sense, this episode stuck to the formula that has worked so far. A little humor crept back into the office, with Prosecutor Lee and Detective Yoo having a few cute moments together. But the focus of episode 14 was the ongoing investigation into Han Byul’s death–and Chief Moon’s baffling machinations.

Five important developments:

1. Koo Dong-Chi swallows his pride and asks Chief Moon to cancel his transfer. Moon Hee-Man doesn’t like the idea and asks Prosecutor Koo if he brought a “gift” for him. Dong-Chi is ready and he pulls something out of his jacket pocket and hands it to Chief Moon. It’s a resignation letter.

Just then Director Oh comes into the office and smiles at Dong-Chi. It’s great that he hasn’t left for Daegu, she says, since his transfer has been cancelled. As Dong-Chi looks astonished, Chief Moon puts the resignation letter in his drawer to save for a rainy day.

pride and prejudice episode 14 choi jin hyuk choi min soo kim yeo jin

2. Koo Dong-Chi and Kang Soo do the investigative legwork to track down Han Byul’s kidnapper. But when they locate the GPS signal in his phone and try to track him, it turns out that he’s in the car behind them, tailing them. Dong-Chi pulls over, and in a tense, wordless confrontation, the hatchet-faced kidnapper throws down a bank account book at Dong-Chi’s feet.

This turns out to be a valuable piece of evidence: the kidnapper’s records of who paid him to do the dirty work in 1999. But when Dong-Chi tells Yeol-Moo about this discovery, he voices out loud what many of us have long suspected. He’s thinks someone’s using them. Someone fed him this piece of information for a purpose.

3. Kang Soo gets in Dong-Chi’s car to drive back to the office, but the accelerator revs and the brakes fail, causing an immediate crash. Kang Soo hits his head. He checks out okay at the hospital, but wears an attractive bandage on his forehead for the rest of the episode.

It’s now clear to Dong-Chi that someone is trying to injure or kill him because of his investigation. Kang Soo sensibly raises the question, does that mean Yeol-Moo is also in danger?

A few minutes later, a large ominous basket of flowers arrives at the office for Yeol-Moo from Park Soon-Bae. Dong-Chi concludes that this, too, is a threat. Given what we know about Park Soon-Bae, it sure isn’t a Valentine’s Day present.

When Dong-Chi tells Chief Moon about these threats, Moon calmly says that that’s how it is. If you investigate the higher-ups, they’ll kill you or make you suffer. Moon is as discouraging as he can be. He does not, however, stop Dong-Chi by pulling out the resignation letter. So is he still using Dong-Chi?

4. Everyone investigates like crazy during this episode. Yeol-Moo figures out on her own that Chief Moon knows the man who kidnapped her brother. She even confronts him about it, in one of those scenes where Moon is scarier because he isn’t yelling. (He already yelled at her a lot earlier in the day.)

And Kang Soo is working hard, too. In the last minutes of the episode, while looking for something else in Dong-Chi’s cabinet, he comes across the thumb drive with Chief Moon’s 1999 emergency call. He realizes that the Chief is involved. When he asks Dong-Chi if Chief Moon killed his mother and Dong-Chi says No, Kang Soo is smart enough to read the writing on the wall. Jang Chang-Gi must have killed his mother.

These developments mean that Yeol-Moo and Kang Soo finally know just about everything that Dong-Chi knows. He told them about the special prosecution unit in 1999, too. It’s a relief that all three of them know the outline of the case. Maybe they can get somewhere with it now?

pride and prejudice episode 14 baek jin hee choi min isoo

5. Dong-Chi knows from Moon that it’s dangerous to continue the investigation. But he has found evidence against the mysterious Park Man-Geun (one of those charming gentlemen involved in the sex trafficking ring), and Dong-Chi decides to ask the powerful Chairman Park about his involvement in Han Byul’s death. He calls Park’s office.

As soon as Dong-Chi starts going after Park, Director Oh visits with half-a-dozen ominous investigators, who are there to review Dong-Chi’s handling of Song Ah-Reum’s death in his custody. And if that’s not enough to throw a wrench in the works, in the final moment of the episode, Jang Chang-Gi enters the prosecutors’ office wearing a suit and announces that he’s the attorney for Chairman Park.

This episode was tense. Very tense. Even when the boarding house gang are hanging out in the living room playing cards, a sense of approaching tragedy hangs over the whole affair. Yeol-Moo, Dong-Chi and Kang Soo want so hard to be decent people and good friends to each other. But their nerves are stretched thin after recent events, and their friendly teasing sometimes veers perilously close to turning ugly. Dong-Chi acts like an obnoxious big brother to Kang Soo. Kang Soo finds it annoying and warns him off repeatedly.

pride and prejudice episode 14 baek jin hee choi jin hyuk lee tae hwan

Yeol-Moo is at her best here. She says that “what happened to Han Byul was ridiculous” and that she can’t blame Kang Soo. She doesn’t want him to blame himself for it either. They agree to be friends and not to feel bad about the tragedy in 1999.
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7 thoughts on ““Pride and Prejudice” Ep 14

  1. Okay I comment my thoughts later but first Chief Oh,that’s some badass performance from PD wifey.I lost count of how many times I wanted to hit her.She’s freaking brilliant as a corrupted prosecutor.She’s all smiles but you feel her rank and her power behind that.She’s Umbridge like , but I think far more real than Umbridge .Damn, I have to add her to my list after CJH and Lee Seung-joon .

    Damn I wont mind the same casts go in for a rom com.

    • Boy, do I agree. PD-nim is the best husband ever for finding an awesome role like this to showcase his wife’s acting. She doesn’t exaggerate that pleasant smile on her face when she’s threatening people, she’s like so many people in offices everywhere. And yet, very scary.

  2. I like that right now, you see Dong Chi as a younger mirror of Chief Moon, who had been so idealistic in his pursuit of justice that he never imagined his pursuit of justice was used not only to turn him into a pawn, but help another corrupt prosecutor who was in the pockets of a rival corrupt company. That jarring realization that only the powerful can take down the powerful is what has made Chief Moon who is today. I do believe he sees himself in Dong Chi. That younger, idealistic prosecutor, and you can tell he wants to tell Dong Chi not to make the same mistakes he did, but perhaps he also sees Dong Chi as someone who will finally break the vicious cycle.

    On one hand, I’ve been fearing for Dong Chi and company’s safety and from the beginning I’ve been begging him to handle the case(s) secretly, but now that I think about it, he has to make a big hoopla and get all the higher ups to show themselves, otherwise they’ll just remain in the shadows like they did for the past 13 years.

    Dong Chi is idealistic, too idealistic, you would think 13 years of being a prosecutor would have jaded him, but he fights for what’s right and the weak, and we all know he doesn’t take crap from his superiors which is why he was reshuffled to this “loser” team. I guess he just learned to hide his idealism, by pretending to be a slacker when he got reshuffled (yet he was still brilliant enough to close difficult cases each time), but after waiting 13 years to solve Han Byul’s case, he’s finally getting the chance to take down whoever is responsible, I can understand why he’s not giving this up. He gave up medical school to solve this case and become a prosecutor. He put his entire young life on hold to right what he thought was wrong. In a sad way, even though Han Byul wasn’t his family, Han Byul’s case has eaten up a good chunk of DC’s life and completely altered it.

    Whatever happened to Kang Soo and Han Byul in 1999, didn’t just affect them and Yeol Moo’s family, but to Dong Chi as well. Out of all the characters, I feel like Dong Chi’s got it the worse. Remember in ep 5 with his flashback? He kept the missing child flyer and you can see how distraught young DC was over not saving the child. The mad scribbles of “I’m Sorry” when he realized he couldn’t save the kid, he was penitent and remorseful over something that wasn’t even his fault.

    I can see how this case has consumed him over the years, driving him “mad” with slow, quiet burning obsession, unlike Yeol Moo whose anger was immediate and reactionary fire that she directed all at DC when she thought DC was the killer. Now that she knows DC’s not the killer, it’s like she lost that fire because she doesn’t know who to target. But DC does. He’s always known. He just never had the chance, and now that it’s sitting in front of him, he’s can’t let it go.

    At this point, I like how the drama makes you feel what the characters are feeling, that it’s almost hopeless to fight against an established organization. But our main characters, esp Dong Chi, keeps fighting. I think what DC says in EP12 when Yeol Moo asks him what his dream is, and he says it’s to be the Chief of all the Prosecutors (I think?) she says he’ll never make it because he’s not corrupt, but his response is, so idealistic, yet true. With that type of thinking, you fall into the trap of always thinking being corrupt is okay in order to get what you want. If you let yourself fall just once into the corruption, you’ll never get out. That kind of thinking should never be okay.

    If Dong Chi is going down in flames, I hope he takes down the higher ups with him in glorious flames. I feel like he needs to expose this on a national scale, to the public, even if it makes the prosecution’s office look bad, he has to eventually do it. It’s the only way to make the corrupt hold themselves accountable.

  3. Well put. Your comments help me figure out DC better. Though YM and KS are angry about the past, DC takes it more personally because he came so close to stopping a crime and failed. He saw the kidnapper, and knew a prosecutor was involved, so he entered the prosecutors’ office looking for corruption. Even though I want him to be careful, it wouldn’t make sense for him to investigate secretly at this point. He did that in the past, year after year, and got nowhere. I suspect he’s had a big goal for a long time: clean up the Prosecutors’ Office. He has the quintessential whistle-blower’s personality–and that means raising a ruckus and getting everyone’s attention. He’s already passed the point of being able to save his career–and that drives me nuts because it’s so unfair! But that’s what it takes to be a whistle-blower.

  4. WAAAH!! I haven’t even read the uncap for this episode yet. But I’m BAWLING like a child over CMS’s performance. When he asks Kang Soo how he’s doing right after Dep. Oh’s taken DC in for questioning, I felt all his decades of pent-up frustration and despair of ever achieving any justice in a corrupted system. And even with my sense of foreboding that Chief Moon’s eventually going to break my heart (murdering a child?!), I can’t believe he’s done it out of pure evil.

    When he places his hand on DC’s shoulder, I still think he’s trying to impart the wisdom of his experience as a crushed, impotent prosecutor.

  5. All your comments are exquisitely insightful. Thank you. And thanks for clearing up my confusion over the 1999 investigation – “We know some members of the special prosecution unit were corrupt and some weren’t. The members that weren’t on the take turned over evidence against the dodgy guys. And it’s not a huge surprise to learn from Moon that the investigation only succeeded because someone higher-up was using the corruption charges to damage a rival and increase his own power.” That’s exactly the piece I was missing from the subtitles.

    And I didn’t know Dep. Oh’s character was played by PD-nim’s wife. Excellent call! (I love her in whatever she does.)

    Isn’t the writing superb?! And those shots of DC on the rooftop? How beautiful were they?

  6. Ah! And this is the episode with the awesome scene between Dong-Chi and Prosecutor Choi. I love the dialogue there. Dong-Chi asks Choi if he’s a good prosecutor and Choi looks surprised by the question and says, “I try not to be a bad prosecutor.” And he says it’s _impossible_ to be a good prosecutor. Omo! What hope for our heroes?

    Kim Yeo-Jin’s role is one of the great things in this drama. She’s so talented that it’s a treat to see her playing something other than a mother or an aunt. Thanks so much for your comments!

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