Ex-Girlfriend Club Episodes 7 & 8: “Let’s Be a Real Couple”

We’ve seen that Myeong-Soo and Soo-Jin trust each other deeply when the times are tough. But as things look better for the movie in episodes 7 and 8, it’s hard for our central couple to maintain that closeness. Why is trust harder when things are going well?

The “Girlfriend Buffalo” movie takes a back seat in these episodes, which focus on the potential relationship between our leads. The exes can’t get in the way any more—the only people who can stop this relationship are Myeong-Soo and Soo-Jin themselves. And they might be their own worst enemies. This couple are so cute together—and also so frustrating. They still haven’t learned how to talk to each other.

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When Ex-Girlfriend Club starts this week,  Hwa-Young’s plan to push Director Jo and Soo-Jin together has failed because of Ra-Ra’s text to Myeong-Soo (above). Director Jo and Myeong-Soo try to shield Soo-Jin from the awkwardness. The scene is plenty awkward anyway. Soo-Jin keeps her dignity, though. She shakes off Myeong-Soo and the director to head back to Seoul on her own.

Later, she threatens the exes by saying if they keep making trouble, she’ll date Myeong-Soo for real. Myeong-Soo teases her about it as they walk home. He’s trying to get her to carry through on dating him (below).

But the relationship between Soo-Jin and the exes in the opening sequence reminds us how insecure Soo-Jin is. She’s great at making movies, but she doesn’t seem to think of herself as a romantic woman. She can’t believe the exes want her to seduce the director to work on the movie. They aren’t taking her seriously, she says. Not taking her heart seriously, or her abilities as a producer.

(And she’s right that they don’t understand her. But she misses what is obvious to the exes: that Director Jo and Myeong-Soo find her attractive.)

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Hwa-Young isn’t giving up on Director Jo, though. She pulls off a classic K-drama maneuver: asking Myeong-Soo to bow out of the production to help “our poor Soo-Jin.” When Myeong-Soo leaves the production so Director Jo will return, it looks momentarily like noble idiocy.

But Myeong-Soo isn’t a typical K-drama lead. He agrees to Director Jo’s demands to keep away from the office, but he doesn’t plan on seeing less of Soo-Jin. Myeong-Soo tells Soo-Jin that he’s finished the script and it’s time for him to work on other writing projects. They can still spend time together, though, he says. As he takes his stuff away from the office, he gives Soo-Jin a pair of “couple shoes” that he bought for their weekend workshop. Looks promising!

In some relationships, it wouldn’t be a big deal that Myeong-Soo’s not visiting the office any more. But it turns out that Soo-Jin isn’t good at taking time off. When they meet for coffee, her phone keeps ringing with business. And Myeong-Soo isn’t any better at ignoring the phone than Soo-Jin. He encourages her to answer. They’re sitting in a beautiful garden (below)—did anyone else want to fly to Seoul right now to visit this cafe? But Soo-Jin’s thoughts are far away.

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Myeong-Soo grows more and more frustrated when Soo-Jin doesn’t answer his texts. She’s busy with work when she does talk to him. So it’s not surprising to learn that something similar happened to their relationship three years ago.

Just as I sometimes want to yell at Myeong-Soo for ignoring Soo-Jin’s feelings, in episode 7 I want to yell at Soo-Jin. Can’t she see how insecure Myeong-Soo feels when she brushes him off?

I suspect Soo-Jin knows she’s distancing Myeong-Soo, but she doesn’t know how to act differently. She fought so hard to make this movie happen. And she’s good at throwing herself into a project. She’s not good at relationships.

Myeong-Soo may have similar doubts. He isn’t sure how much attention he can ask for. And he’s so good at being agreeable that he doesn’t want to get in the way of Soo-Jin’s work, even if he wants more of her time.

When Myeong-Soo finds Soo-Jin and Director Jo eating at Ji-Ah’s cafe after a long day and night of work, he looks frustrated and Soo-Jin looks guilty (above). (And Director Jo looks as cool as always.) It’s an echo of the scene three years ago, when Myeong-Soo found Soo-Jin and her colleagues partying and decided not to talk to her.

The story of three years ago didn’t make sense when Myeong-Soo first described it. Why was he so afraid to talk to her? But it makes more sense now. We can imagine it hurt him to find her looking so happy, when he was having a hard time and missing her. We can imagine he didn’t want to share her with a crowd.

It’s possible she wasn’t getting his phone calls that night simply because her phone was constantly ringing for work. That night was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Myeong-Soo had probably felt he was losing touch with Soo-Jin ever since she started the filming in Chungmuro.

Thank goodness Soo-Jin follows Myeong-Soo outside and confronts him. Finally he’s angry enough to explain his feelings (above). This is what it was like three years ago, he says. I waited for you, I smiled. You think we dated? I don’t think so, because it ended at this point last time too. We didn’t get as far as dating.

It’s pretty clear now that Myeong-Soo did want to date Soo-Jin three years ago. Perhaps he thought it was clear to Soo-Jin too, so he was hurt when Soo-Jin appeared to abandon him for work. But it also seems like he didn’t tell her how frustrating it was for him. Instead, he gave up on her and they drifted apart.

When they meet again in the present, Myeong-Soo’s still reluctant to explain himself, which makes some sense—why bring up a relationship that didn’t happen? But even though this makes sense—this is what happens in real life—it’s sad.

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Because Myeong-Soo is at the end of his “Girlfriend Buffalo” project, he goes walkabout for a few days (above). He’s considering writing a comic based on the story of him and Soo-Jin. While he’s away, Soo-Jin considers sending him a text. She writes, “I, too, li—” before she stops and erases the message.

Why does she erase? She can’t be afraid Myeong-Soo will reject her, right? But maybe she does fear rejection, even though it isn’t rational. She feels keenly that Myeong-Soo rejected her three years ago—even though he feels just as strongly that she rejected him.

I can also cut Soo-Jin a little slack because she’s not used to thinking of herself as the heroine of a romance. Myeong-Soo’s beauty-obsessed ex-girlfriends are always telling Soo-Jin she isn’t attractive. And Soo-Jin carries herself like a woman who’s used to hearing these insults, perhaps because she doesn’t dress up and focus on her appearance. Soo-Jin appears to ignore others’ opinions, but the message that she isn’t pretty has probably worked its way into her thinking.

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In a cute interaction with a few passing boys, Myeong-Soo explains his drawing (above). If he’s going to draw a comic about him and Soo-Jin, he’ll portray Soo-Jin as a bear. It’s an affectionate choice of animal that suggests Soo-Jin is a bit stupid, but in a way that makes her honest and trustworthy. A bear is the opposite of a cat or a fox—a bear doesn’t deceive or manipulate others, whereas a cat or fox may be dangerously clever.

Of course, a bear also isn’t a particularly sexy animal, especially compared to a cat or a fox. “Kum” (bear) is one of those terms of endearment with a teasing, ironic tone. It’s perfect for Myeong-Soo to call Soo-Jin. But it also fits how Soo-Jin thinks about herself. She isn’t glamorous or foxy.

Although Soo-Jin chickens out and doesn’t send Myeong-Soo a text, she does make an excuse to visit his place the evening he comes back to Seoul. At the beginning of episode 8, they meet. Soo-Jin doesn’t know what to say, but Myeong-Soo lays his cards on the table (below).

Let’s not be a fake couple, he says. Let’s be a real couple.

It’s simultaneously funny and horrifying that the exes, Director Jo, and Myeong-Soo’s office-mate overhear this conversation. They’re hiding in the dark to surprise Myeong-Soo with a party.

The exes are impossible to embarrass, as always. They don’t even apologize, while our hero and heroine are dying of embarrassment. The director isn’t much better. He wants to hear Soo-Jin’s answer to Myeong-Soo. Come on!

Soo-Jin looks horrified when Myeong-Soo confesses. She looks even more horrified that anyone wants her to answer and she insists they’re just friends. But when their uninvited guests leave, she tells Myeong-Soo she didn’t want to talk about her feelings in front of other people.

He tries to get her to say what she’s really thinking. She acts coy, but it looks like things are moving in the right direction for Myeong-Soo.

Soo-Jin doesn’t like to make her feelings obvious, but she lets down her guard in episode 8. When she says something cute and girlish on the phone to Myeong-Soo, he’s over-the-moon. And Soo-Jin’s embarrassed to catch herself acting silly (below).

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I love watching Myeong-Soo and Soo-Jin in this episode as they cautiously navigate closer. Soo-Jin avoids saying how she feels about Myeong-Soo, even when Director Jo asks her. She should consider just telling the director the truth, since he’s interested in her. But she tries hard not to admit anything directly.

Myeong-Soo’s learned a little in the past three years, though. He asks Soo-Jin directly what she thinks of him. Do I have to say something like that out loud? Soo-Jin asks.

Myeong-Soo doesn’t let her off. “I like you,” she admits. She adds, though, that she’s cautious because she was hurt three years ago. She’s asks Myeong-Soo to be patient.

These two are so close to each other in some ways, so far apart in others. During this conversation, they’re almost mirror images of each other, except that Soo-Jin looks away at the sky while Myeong-Soo stares at her (above).

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But Soo-Jin is moving towards Myeong-Soo, even if she’s moving slowly. When she’s scouting locations, Myeong-Soo accidentally-on-purpose runs into her and they spend the afternoon together (below). By coincidence, they’re both wearing their “couple shoes.” (Bonus points to Myeong-Soo for good taste. Of all the couple gewgaws in K-dramas, these sneakers might be the most tasteful, restrained example ever.)

When Soo-Jin sees the photos Myeong-Soo took of her, she wants to erase them. She’s particularly bothered by one image that shows her looking sexy and mysterious. Her reaction gives us another hint that she’s uncomfortable to show her private side to others.

Soo-Jin is so outgoing when it comes to her career. Remember her zany attempt to recruit a famous actress in the middle of a Joseon-era ninja battle? But she’s actually introverted when it comes to other parts of her life. The contrast makes her a plausibly complex character. It also explains why the people around her—including Myeong-Soo—don’t realize she has these insecurities.

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Instead, Myeong-Soo thinks she blew him off deliberately three years ago. And the exes think Soo-Jin is a clever player, a woman who is manipulating Myeong-Soo and Director Jo by feigning indifference.

Soo-Jin’s biggest blind spot is that she doesn’t realize how others see her. She might have doubts that she can be a tough professional and an attractive woman at the same time, but others don’t necessarily share her doubts.

In episode 8, Soo-Jin and Myeong-Soo are having fun at last. They’ve survived the interference of the director and the exes. The plot is bound to get more complicated soon. But not before Myeong-Soo sneaks in a kiss to Soo-Jin’s cheek (below). Soo-Jin looks shocked. Not till she gets home does she let loose a few “squees.”

We end episode 8 with Soo-Jin worrying about a video message from Ji-Ah she found on Myeong-Soo’s camera memory card. It’s Ji-Ah’s parting message to Myeong-Soo before her marriage. Ji-Ah, in tears, says she truly loves Myeong-Soo, not her husband. It’s the most honest we’ve ever seen Ji-Ah—and Myeong-Soo probably never even saw this message.

The message rattles Soo-Jin. Why? The obvious reason is she’s worried Myeong-Soo still has feelings for Ji-Ah. Perhaps that’s why he didn’t erase the message.

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I’d like to think Soo-Jin’s smarter than that. But if she really is irrationally doubting Myeong-Soo, I think it’s because she’s so afraid of getting her heart broken. The rational part of her may know Ji-Ah and Myeong-Soo are ancient history. But she’s sensitive almost to the point of paranoia. When she meets Myeong-Soo at Ji-Ah’s restaurant for dinner later, you can see she’s half expecting to discover Ji-Ah and Myeong-Soo are having an affair.

Ironically, Myeong-Soo thinks Soo-Jin wants to meet at MSG so she can show off that she won Myeong-Soo’s heart. And before Soo-Jin can do anything paranoid, Myeong-Soo gets a minor injury in a kitchen fire (thanks to Ji-Ah’s lack of competence to run a restaurant). We end the episode with Soo-Jin in a hospital waiting room.

Soo-Jin’s fear that Ji-Ah will take Myeong-Soo away might not be such a bad thing—if it makes Soo-Jin realize she cares enough about Myeong-Soo to fight for him. Soo-Jin has been careful to expose her emotions as little as possible so far. But Myeong-Soo needs to know how she feels. Soo-Jin also needs to come clean so that she can start letting go of her fears of rejection.

I can foresee a few interesting conflicts on the horizon. For one, if Soo-Jin is so cautious about sharing her private life, what will she think of Myeong-Soo writing about her? And portraying her as a bear, at that?

Also, I wonder what Soo-Jin’s sister will say about Soo-Jin and Myeong-Soo dating. She clearly disapproves of him, though she’s confused about what he looks like.

And will this movie really get made? I want to see a lot of Soo-Jin and Myeong-Soo, but I’m also curious about the film. Who will get cast to play Myeong-Soo? Or the girlfriends? And, perhaps most importantly, who will the final movie choose to focus on? Which girlfriend is the story really about? ♥

18 thoughts on “Ex-Girlfriend Club Episodes 7 & 8: “Let’s Be a Real Couple”

  1. You say exactly what is on my mind. The story between exes and Myung Soo, and Myung Soo and Soo Jin feels real.

    MS and SJ relationship makes me nostalgic. I am a bit like SJ, i am afraid that my feeling exposed even my friend constantly giving a signal to see a reaction. In the end he married with someone else, though all of our friend shocked, since in their eyes we have that kind relationship. they did tease us every occassion, and i always brush it off. I move on now, but i wish a happy ending for both MS and SJ.

    • I know what you mean, Jjannabi (by the way, I love the Korean/Arabic nickname!). This story reminds me so much of a man I was close friends with a few years ago. I didn’t believe there was any possibility for him to like me. And perhaps he felt the same way, but I don’t know. Exes Club makes me wonder again. It’s telling such a universal story.

  2. I was waiting for this uncap, Odessa! The wait was so worth it. Its always interesting to hear ur thoughts.Do u remember our questions abt MS in ep 5-6? I feel its exactly the same with Soo Jin right now. She says somethings that leave us a little perplexed at times. And we cant help but want to dig deeper into her head. Last weekend we were given the pov of MS who we so desperately wanted to understand. Now its SJ’s time. There seems to be more to knw re: her take on those 3 yrs ago when she thought she’d been dumped. Someone on Soompi connected that to SJ’s ‘friend’ from ep 1. She did act like there was some rivalry over MS in the past.
    Anyway, I think the issue with our OTP is communication tho. They act like they ttly understand eachother. But we know that so much has been left unsaid. So MS’s forwardness with his feelings for SJ keeps surprising SJ. In ep 9’s preview, note how they just explode at eachother. That scene is so necessary for their relationship to progress. All through ep 8 it is MS’s drive to fight for SJ that pushes them forward.

    Kudos to the writers who made a simple enough relationship prove to be so much complicated than it really seems! This complexity of the characters and their relationships totally add to that realistic appeal that this drama has. I found myself utterly floored by how complicated the characters stories were. I mean how can a friendship be so complicated? But isn’t that hw it is in real life? I find myself wanting to learn more abt Ra Ra too. She is the most likable out of the 3 exes. I see character development in her too.

    All that said, im so looking forward to ep 9&10. And ur uncap ofc, Odessa, which I really appreciate. Kahamsamida Odessa!

    • I wonder about that “friend” too. I can imagine that Soo-Jin would have taken any discouragement to heart, even if it came from that creepy not-friend friend. We definitely need to know more about SJ’s side of things now.
      Communication, yes!!! I love that this story doesn’t need any contrived plot devices to get in the way of the romance. These two get in the way all by themselves, in believable ways. I do wonder about the role the other women will play. I really like Ra Ra too. It cracks me up when Ji-Ah and Hwa-Young say, Oh, we don’t like each other, and Ra Ra says mischievously, well, I like the unnis. And that cute “fox” face she makes when they figure out she texted MS! I hope she keeps encouraging MS and SJ. And I would love for her to get a shot with Director Jo! I’m dying for episodes 9 and 10! And unlike some shows I’ve obsessed about, I don’t have any fears that something terrible will happen–no melodrama here–so I can look forward to Friday with pure anticipation. I think the preview for Ep 9 made me abandon my sober ways and emit a high-pitched squee. What will we do until Friday, Camille?!?

      • What do we do, is the right question. I’ve already watched ep 8 four times. Twice raw and twice subbed. Every week I’m so psyched for the new eps that I just can’t wait for subs. But then there’s that agonizing wait for subs once I’ve watched the ep. And the subs really make me so much more appreciative of the quality of this show.
        I’ve been trolling online for anything I can get my hands on. Found out couple stuff: the actress who plays Hwa Young is 3 months pregnant, the reviews or this show are delightfully positive and saw some smoldering full profile tumbler photos of that kiss from ep 9. I think I’ve rewatched enough at this point but who cares? Something has to keep me going til Fri. Maybe i’ll finally catch up on Warm and Cozy and School 2015..? Not making any promises tho, haha…

        • I love your devotion to the cause! I usually can’t bear to watch a show raw if I really love it, because I get so frustrated. Somehow it doesn’t bother me as much if it’s a show I’m not into. I realized Exes Club is a bit like Warm and Cozy because they both have “opposites attract” stories. The fun surprise this month was “Orange Marmalade.” It may have gone off the rails as of the final five minutes of ep 4. But up till then it was good, and satisfied my need for a little angst and melo–though I love that Exes Club is so good without falling back on angst.

          I wonder if I can stay strong and resist watching ep 9 raw? Maybe it’s time to start stalking the music in the OST. I love some of the quiet indy tunes they use in the background.

  3. Great uncap Odessa!

    If you think about the whole drama so far, it is rather simple. The plot is not very eventful, the characters dont have any extraordinary abilities and we dont progress very fast.
    And yet, the drama managed to grab us. Bacause the drama has heart, has complex characters, has thought-out plot, is funny and has great actors playing interesting characters.
    *clapping to the writer and to the whole team behind this drama*

    As all of you noticed, the characters really are complex and true to life. MS’s trip and his loneliness… it was painfull to watch. Not only because I feel sorry for him, but also because I can relate to him. MS is probably more lonely than I thought first. And the type of his work is probably “contributing” to his loneliness. Since he is mostly working from home, not meeting any colleagues. When he met SJ after 3 years, he only played a guy, who is busy with his social life. As few of you noticed, it was all an act.

    SJ is another character I can easily relate to. And as I am reading the comments, I am not the only one. 🙂 In my life, there was also a MS, who was a good friend of mine. I noticed some vague “signals” from his side, but I didnt know what to think of them. Was he interested? Was he just joking? Is he always like that to his friends who are girls?…so I wasnt sure… On the other hand, now I believe if I gave him some “signals”, he would react to them and our history wold be different.
    I think SJ was the same. She was a good friend of MS, but didnt really send the right “signals” to him. Although in her pure heart, she thought they were dating. I guess the passed time and the fact that they spend so much time together played a big role how she perceived their relationship.

    I think, as Odessa mentioned, SJ was always rather insecure and didnt think of herself as being atractive. Add the unsuccessfull relationship with MS and we have one very insecure character. One little drop will make her to end the relationship. The “little drop” in this case may be JiAh. What do you think?

    • Ooo, I hadn’t thought about how MS works from home, but that’s another thing that must make him lonely. And yet he and Soo-Jin don’t appear lonely from the outside. They’re typical adults with some successes, a lot going on in their lives. There’s nothing awkward about them–no particular reason for them to be single, except luck.

      Your story reminds me of something really funny: years ago, a friend of mine had a crush on a guy who was super friendly but hard to pin down. She gave up on him, but he kept sending mixed signals. One day she ran into him just after he got his first real professional job. It was some kind of computer related job and he excitedly showed her his very first business card. His official job title?

      Mixed Signals Engineer. 🙂

      I really hope Ji-Ah doesn’t give Soo-Jin any hassle. I don’t think Soo-Jin will sacrifice anything for Ji-Ah, but she could be influenced if Ji-Ah played on her insecurities. I can see so many ways for SJ and MS to still mess this up! And to mess it up without doing anything particularly stupid, but just by being…real people. Such a great script.

      • Mixed Signals Engineer. Loooool.

        I also believe JiAh would mess up their relationship unintentionaly. Just by being a human…

        Now let me cry in the corner…only 12 episodes…why?!…

  4. Odessa, I have bad news T_T. I heard on Soompi that TvN is cutting EGC short. So it’ll be 12 eps instead of 16. A lot of ppl are saying that they’re glad cuz they don’t know how it could’ve been stretched for 8 more eps. Meanwhile, I’m so sad. This means we’ll only have just two more weeks. It feels so short lived. I hope the cast doesn’t feel too discouraged with all the negative feedback from this. K-netizens need to rise up and express outrage.

    Its like Surplus Princess all over again, which I was so upset about. Its clear that their cutting it bc of the low ratings. T__T I’m seriously hating hw TvN operates. Its like ratings are everything. producer isn’t even as good. I like Producer but its just not comparable…Unfortunately its competition. This show was so good. I was already lamenting the fact that it was going to end in 8 eps.

  5. Well I am very sad to hear it is being cut short by that much. I fear some of our questions will likely be left unanswered. Plus this was the week I totally adored the director. By far my favourite 2 scenes involved him.

    The opening of ep. 7 was great. Yes MS yelling at the exes was wonderful as was Ra Ra’s facial expressions. But for me the director shone the brightest. He knew when he arrived what the situation was and he tried to get her out of there without allowing the exes to win at their game. And when she is asking what is going on MS is trying to placate her with “I’ll explain later” but the director decides to simply tell her the truth and call out the perpetrators that he already knows must be lurking. I felt the episode was rather mixed after that. With some lovely bits mixed in with what felt like rushed or poorly edited scenes.

    Symmetrically I found ep 8 starting as a mixed bag and ending pretty strongly. While the confession was sweet I did not buy into the group staying in the dark that long. I liked the scene with Rara and the director. Once again he shows us kindness is not the same as being nice. But my very favourite was the fight over the food. I enjoyed the performance by both men and her look of confusion and disgust was quite wonderful. Like you Odessa I was reassured by his good taste in couples items.

    so sad that this will be ending before we can get to know the exes better. I had come to the decision that HY’s story was going to be more complicated and that finding out her history with MS might have been pivotal.

  6. Nooooo, whyyyyy!!!! Dont cut it, tvN!
    Seriously, I dont get it. I know, you cant really compare it with each other, but Misaeng was kind of similar – wasnt very exciting, was like a slice of life. Everything progressed slowly, but naturaly. The drama had also some great written characters. But it was very successful.
    How come nobody cant see similar qualities in this drama and even blaming Song Ji Hyo?! I believe this is her best performance. Very natural, not exaggerating and with great chemistry.
    OK drama watchers, just go and watch those unreal chaebol fantasies, where the leads fall in love with each other and you dont even know how and why. (I watch and enjoy those dramas as well, but here we have some real gem and nobody appreciates it. Makes me mad!)

    Sorry for the rant. Im sad.

    • Agree with your comments Murrcat. I loved emergency couple but I love Song ji hyo as Soo Jin even more because she made her character a person you can relate to. I think her acting here was great because her depair at being friend zoned and crying scenes seemed so natural and real. I’m very disappointed in tvn for cutting episodes. I think the main reason for low ratings was time slot and other shows completing with this one and also there seemed to be some poor editing on some scenes. I think the cast overall had great chemistry. I’ve read positive netizen comments on the show and their acting. Now it seems like after news of cutting episodes all of a sudden now there is criticism on the acting for Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han. The cast shouldn’t be blamed for failure in ratings. I think they have great chemistry together better than some leads in more popular kdramas. I blame the network for not considering how popular this show is online and also with international fans and them giving up on this because of ratings. They should have tried to move show to another night/time slot . I don’t have access to tvn channel but luckily I can watch it on viki( which I think of us watch this show online). I think tvn cutting episodes is such a disrespect to the talented cast/ and all of us fans that enjoy watching this show. I’m so disappointed because I looked forward to new episodes each week now this series will almost be over. 🙁

  7. AAAAAAAA!!!! What terrible news.


    It’s ridiculous for tvN to panic over the relatively low ratings. They know that they’re competing with Producer, which has tons of buzz. (More buzz than plot, frankly.) When you’re a cable channel, you have a chance to be less ratings driven. Yes, EXGC has surprisingly low ratings (below those of the similarly truncated Surplus Princess). But it was unwise for tvN to think any drama could compete with Producer in the same time slot.

    So why not act like grown-ups, tvN, and stick to your guns? It’s a show about grown-up people coping with the vagueness of modern relationships. This is perfect tvN stuff, and the executives set it up for failure by putting it opposite Producer.

    I hope the writers can put together a decent ending, but cutting four episodes means cutting a quarter of the original narrative. There are so many things I’ve been looking forward to: seeing some more about Rara and Director Jo, seeing how the movie portrays the exes and how the exes react (and of course finding out who plays Myeong-Soo and Soo-Jin in the movie), finding out what Soo-Jin does when her sister kicks her out for dating Myeong-Soo, and then the climactic argument when SJ finds out that MS has started writing his new work about their relationship.

    I’m confident this director and writer will do a good job, but I’m sad about the entire narratives that will have to be scrapped.

    I really hope this doesn’t hurt the cast involved. They’ve done a superior job, and Song Ji-Hyo is such a good actress. I’m a bit disappointed in the viewing public for not getting into this show, but I’m even more disappointed in tvN. This show has been working well as a character-driven slice-of-life with a side order of broad humor. Presumably that’s what tvN wanted when it chose this script, director and cast. Why punish them for delivering?

    Fortunately, I wasn’t one of the heart-broken fans of Surplus Princess, but the news about EXGC makes me sympathize with Hitler:


    • Aww darn. I’m waaaay behind on the show itself, but I was planning on picking it up again and have kept up with your recaps. TVN cuts too much, they don’t seem to appreciate the beauty of a cult following. I just realized all the shows I really liked that got cut are TVN’s. Surplus Princess, Three Musketeers, now this…

      • Oh my! I watched it and I don’t even know what to say. I’m excited AND worried about what happens next! This show better not break my heart.

        Tomorrow’s Friday!

  8. One good thing that came out of this was me trying to forget my woes through Warm and Cozy. While its not the smartest drama nor the most unconventional (as its ripe with clichés), it earned several laughs from me. I liked it and as I was previously warned, I went in not expecting much. And then I woke up this morning and remembered my beloved ExGC being slashed and well…yeah.

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