Find K-Drama Recaps

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Where are the drama recaps in English?

Bad news: No single website has ALL the recaps.

Good news: The K-drama world has room for everyone. That means if no one’s recapping your fave, you can do it yourself. Your fellow fans will thank you.

When I started K-Drama Today in 2014, it seemed like every show on Korean television had at least one enthusiastic English-language recapper. Many shows had two or three.

Over the past year, the number of recaps has fallen off. And as regular readers know, I haven’t updated this page in a long time.

From now on, instead of offering a comprehensive, up-to-date list, this page will link to the websites most likely to have high-quality recaps. I hope this will help you find commentary on your favorite shows.

Also, if you want recaps from the past (2015 and before), Elle at Worth the Drama offers this magnificent, unbelievably comprehensive index to drama recaps around the web.

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Non-corporate sites, ranked from most to least prolific:

Dramabeans. The heart and soul of English-language K-drama commentary, and the first place to look for recaps. They tend to focus on “trendy” mini-series, with a few of the shorter history dramas thrown in. (Though they did recap all 50 episodes of Six Flying Dragons. Whew!)

Couch Kimchi. The writers here also have a way with words. A recent gem: “This show is more adorable than a kitten and a puppy tickling each other in a basket full of cotton wool.”

The Cat Who Watches TV. Publishes a few recaps and reviews per week.

Noonas over Forks. Along with the breezy K-drama news and recipes, there are usually some recaps.

Kaede + Jun. This one-time Dramabeans recapper usually recaps something at her blog.

Koala’s Playground. Miss Koala doesn’t publish as many recaps today as she used to in the early 2010s. But when she does find time (I believe she’s a lawyer by day), her commentary is the most hilarious anywhere on the internet. (Check out her thoughts on writer Kim Eun-Sook’s “narrative wankery” in Descendants of the Sun.)

Lastly, the best place to get comprehensive discussion of every show—including the 50-episode series and the weekend family dramas—is the forums at Soompi.

The corporate video-streaming sites

Dramafever and Viki also publish recaps and commentary—but they exist to sell streaming video, so don’t look to them for honest reviews. They plug bad shows and good ones alike. Caveat emptor.

If you’re publishing regular recaps, I want to know. Drop me a note via the contact form here. ♥