Merry Christmas

samsoon ep 1 small imageThis holiday comes all too quickly every year. But watching Asian drama suggests that it could be worse: instead of running around in traffic trying to get presents and then spending lots of time with odd relatives who spend incredible amounts of time talking about the Civil War (yes, the one in the 1860s), I could be having a painful break-up with a cheating scoundrel and then locking myself in the men’s bathroom to cry. Kim Samsoon would envy how much I’ll know about the Civil War 48 hours from now.

But it’ll be Friday before I post about this week’s episodes of P&P. To tide you over, Drama Chaser has speedily posted an episode 16 recap over at her site. And here at K-Drama Today I’m posting an essay about screen kisses that I wrote recently for fun, in honor of this strange holiday that’s romantic on the Asian side of the Pacific and imposes exhausted, overwhelmed celibacy on the North American side.

Enjoy! Thanks for reading! And have a Merry Christmas (if it’s your style) and a joyful week!