“Coffee Prince” (Series Review)

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Why is Coffee Prince responsible for drawing in so many new K-drama fans? It’s not like this 17-episode series from 2007 is flawless. Nor is it typical. Its character-driven plot and naturalistic style set it apart from most K-dramas. But it has so much quiet charm that it’s a touchstone for overseas fans of Korean television. … Read more

“Me Too Flower” (“I’m a Flower Too”) Series Review

Great central romance and annoying supporting characters. “Flowers” took on a challenge by making the heroine a depressed police officer. She’s a compelling character—you can see the atypical depression in how she walks like she’s carrying a huge weight—but she’s not fun. In the early episodes, she sometimes lashes out in ways that are downright … Read more

“My Lovely Sam Soon” (“My Name is Kim Sam Soon”) Series Review

my lovely samsoon in her chef clothes

“My Lovely Sam Soon” is classic K-drama comedy and a trip back to 2005, for good and for bad. “My Lovely Sam Soon” (aka “My Name is Kim Sam Soon“) is humorous and doesn’t waste much time on filler. Sam-Soon is an awesome heroine, an ambitious pastry chef played by the lively, likable Kim Sun Ah. … Read more

“Boys over Flowers” (Series Review)

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“Boys over Flowers” is usually over-the-top, occasionally awful, but impossible to stop watching. Even several years after it aired, “Boys over Flowers” is still one of the most well-known K-dramas overseas. It wasn’t the highest-rated show of 2009 or the best. But the Japanese manga Hana yori Dango and its many adaptations (in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea) were a … Read more