Ex-Girlfriend Club Episodes 7 & 8: “Let’s Be a Real Couple”

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We’ve seen that Myeong-Soo and Soo-Jin trust each other deeply when the times are tough. But as things look better for the movie in episodes 7 and 8, it’s hard for our central couple to maintain that closeness. Why is trust harder when things are going well? The “Girlfriend Buffalo” movie takes a back seat in these … Read more

Ex-Girlfriend Club Episodes 5 & 6: Oppa’s here for you

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The characters in Ex-Girlfriend Club are smart, good-looking people who would be great catches if not for one small flaw—romance is their kryptonite. Relationships trigger their self-destruct mode. And in episodes 5 and 6 we see that Director Geun is no better than the rest of them. Until now, he’s been enjoying watching everyone else … Read more

“Hwajung” Episodes 11 & 12: “But I Touched Her Hand!”

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Joo-Won is horrified to discover Hwa-Yi is a girl. He can be so tough and resourceful sometimes, but offend his propriety and he’s got no idea what to do. It’s hard to say what bothers him more, the fact that Hwa-Yi has lied to him, or the fact that Joo-Won has accidentally spent time with … Read more

“Ex-Girlfriend Club” Episodes 3 & 4: “I don’t want to be your friend.”

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I’m loving Ex-Girlfriend Club more than any of the other new shows. It’s primarily a comedy, with hints of real emotions underneath. But episode 3 begs the question, why does Soo-Jin think she and Myeong-Soo were going out? This misunderstanding isn’t the central premise of the show. The story is really about dramatizing Myeong-Soo’s webtoon. … Read more

“Hwajung” (“Splendid Politics”) Episodes 9 & 10: Escape from Edo

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This week, the adult actors have settled into their roles and look more assured. Episode 9 starts slow, setting up the action to come, but when things get going, Hwajung delivers some dynamite scenes. At the end of episode 10, I was desperate for what’s next. I’m surprised at how quickly things are unfolding—the princess has grown … Read more

Uncapping Ex-Girlfriend Club Episodes 1 & 2: Surprisingly Fun

K-dramas like to be over-the-top. These shows are about how life feels, not how life actually is. So when the ex-girlfriends show up in new tvN drama Ex-Girlfriend Club, they’re outrageous. As corporate diva Jang Hwa-Young, actress Lee Yoon-Ji looks like she may actually start breathing fire out of her nostrils like Smaug the dragon. But … Read more