In the Mood for Melodrama, Pt. 2 of 2: “High Society” Q1 Commentary

(This is part 2 of 2. Part one uncapped the opening episodes of Mask.) High Society is neither as overtly sexy or demented as Mask, and it takes longer for the plot to get going. But four episodes into the series it may offer an even more intriguing central couple. The elements of the two shows are similar: … Read more

In the Mood for Melodrama, Pt. 1 of 2: “Mask” Q1 Commentary

I originally started watching Korean television for the charming romantic comedies. But gradually I’ve grown fascinated with the melodramas as well. It’s harder to explain their appeal—vicarious suffering shouldn’t be as entertaining as vicarious laughter. Why do I find them so interesting? The currently airing series Mask and High Society are great examples of how … Read more

“Ex-Girlfriend Club” Episodes 11 &12 (Finale)

ex-girlfriend club episode 11 byun yo han song ji hyo hug thumbnail

The most interesting thing about Ex-Girlfriend Club from the beginning was how the simple story of Soo-Jin and Myeong-Soo’s friendship was transformed and took on a different meaning every time we learned something new. In the first three weeks of the series, each installment left us with a new impression of what happened back then and … Read more

“Hwajung” (“Splendid Politics”) Episodes 17 & 18

hwajung ep 17 lee yeon hee as princess thumbnail

Episodes 17 and 18 of Hwajung (aka Splendid Politics) deliver the pay-off we’ve awaited since early in the series. The Queen Mother’s arrest forces the princess to reveal her identity. After last week’s episodes, which occasionally got bogged down in MIBTIR (Men in Beards Talking in Rooms), it was a good change of pace. The … Read more

Ex-Girlfriend Club Episodes 9 & 10: “I Should Know, Since I Dated Him”

Take a few million awkward moments, breed them to produce a thriving population of pure-bred awkward moments, then gather them together to form a massive super-organism of the worst moments ever, and you have the awkward moments in episodes 9 and 10 of Ex-Girlfriend Club. Luckily, the cute moments are also thriving and healthy in these … Read more

“Hwajung” Episodes 13 to 16: The Eye of Mercy

hwajung episode 14 han joo wan thumbnail

Even if you’re not watching Hwajung, there’s one thing about it you should know: Han Joo-Wan is one to watch. In the role of Kang In-Woo, he hasn’t had as many scenes as first lead Seo Kang-Joon, who plays Joo-Won. But every time he appears on screen, he shows new sides to this character. Episodes 13 … Read more