Question of the Day: Which City is More Romantic, Seoul or Paris?

I wasn’t too surprised when I heard that Paris officials are removing the love locks on the Pont des Arts (Bridge of the Arts). City officials aren’t known for being romantic, even in the City of Lights.

But I was surprised when I learned that love locks have been cropping up across Europe during the past five years.

Locks haven’t arrived in the US (except apparently on the Brooklyn Bridge). So my only knowledge of these locks comes from My Love from Another Star, in which Do Manager and Cheon Song-Yi attach a padlock to the top of Namsen Tower in Seoul. The love locks are a pretty well-established feature at the tower, shown in this picture from Wiki Commons:

Padlocks_sign_nseoultower by optx via Wikimedia Commons 720web

I’m not sure if the locks first appeared in Seoul or Europe. But one thing is clear: Namsen Tower officials appear to be okay with locks, Paris officials aren’t.

Decades ago Paris was considered a romantic city. Is it still? And what about Seoul? Are Paris officials anti-romance or just pro-safety?

Which city is more associated with romance in your mind, Seoul or Paris?

Please let me know what you think in the poll below!

Or if you can’t decide, or have a story about love padlocks, please share in the comments. I’m so curious about where this new “love locks” ritual started and how. ♥

5 thoughts on “Question of the Day: Which City is More Romantic, Seoul or Paris?

  1. It’s not romantic but it’s safer… The locks are awfully heavy and the bridge is not big actually …. Paris is still terribly romantic!!!

  2. Neither. I myself wouldn’t be able to associate a city with romance like that, or any place really, unless it’s in the middle of nowhere. Cities have their bright sides, but also their seedy underbellies, so to use that particular adjective feels incomplete. Lol, I sound like a downer. The love lock trend surprised me too, as I wouldn’t think people would want to associate romance with anything that locks, because freedom or whatever.

  3. Seoul, fell in love with Korean man in 1979, lost him for 30 years, he’s found me again. Here in America…My own little drama.

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