Kaede+Jun ‘Predicts’ the Ending of ‘Oh My Ghostess’

Kaede+Jun featured this funny piece today about Oh My Ghostess, the likable romantic comedy that concludes this coming week on cable. The poll, which asks readers to predict the ending of the series, is revealing in more ways than one.

I’ve enjoyed this show for its adorable leads, particularly for finally giving zany comedienne Kim Seul-Gi a sideways shot at lead actress glory. (If you haven’t seen her scene-stealing turn as the sleep-deprived editor in Flower Boys Next Door, put it on your list.)

Ghostess also has one of the thinnest plots in K-drama history, making summer 2013’s fluffy ghost romance Master’s Sun look like Anna Karenina by comparison.

The poll at Kaede+Jun shows that we all know exactly what’s going to happen in the final two episodes. If you click on your predictions and look at what others have predicted, you’ll see that most viewers agree about how key plot elements will conclude. The fact that we’ll watch anyway just goes to show that the pleasures of Oh My Ghostess have nothing to do with suspense.

A story doesn’t have to surprise us at every turn. In fact, sometimes the shows with a familiar story hit just the right note, like the television equivalent of Bong-Sun’s comforting home-cooked cabbage porridge. It reminds me of my friend who refuses to watch suspenseful shows like Game of Thrones because they’re too emotionally exhausting. Instead, she watches classics like The A-Team and The Rockford Files because the formulaic plots are reassuring. (Believe me, if you’re ever raising three kids under the age of four, you’ll be tempted to do the same.)

At the same time, the familiarity of Oh My Ghostess explains why I haven’t written much about it here. It’s pitch-perfect rom-com, and fun to watch. But when it comes to writing about shows, it’s easier to comment on shows that are a little “off,” a bit peculiar. I’ve enjoyed watching Ghostess purely from the point of view of a fan-girl on a hot summer day, without too many deep thoughts in mind. ♥

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4 thoughts on “Kaede+Jun ‘Predicts’ the Ending of ‘Oh My Ghostess’

  1. Hi.. glad that you watched it too.., how’s your day? I hope you’re okay since the weather in my places is getting weird,
    It’s sad that OMG is over, I like the cuteness and refreshing vibe from the actor and actress, Park Bo Young and Kim Seul Gi are really cute yet talented, lovely!
    OMG is really entertaining and just “simply beautiful”,
    Talking about the comparison with Game of Thrones, I get what you mean,
    it reminds me of Hannibal cause I can’t stand the suspense even if I badly want to watch it, I just can’t , my heart can’t take the awesomeness, hahaha

    on other note, have you watch yongpal? the buzz is everywhere, Joo Won, Jo Hyun-Jae and Jung Woong-In is there (YES!).The rating is good news because Joo Won last drama not doing well , Joo Won is hell of an actor and it just feel good when he gets the fame and popularity.

    • I hope the weather is treating you well! I got lucky this week–no typhoons or forest fires where I am. I just had time to finish OMG and it was so cute. A really great summer show. And I love, love, love Kim Seul-Gi and can’t wait to see what she does next. I think Yongpal has to be my next show! Way too much buzz for me to ignore it, even though Joo Won always looks too young to be a doctor!

  2. I saw this post on Kaede+Jun’s blog and thought it was such a fun idea.


    I really thought Sung-Jae (the possessed husband/bad cop) was going to die in the end and that’s what I voted for in the poll. The fact that he lived but just lost his memories was a little weird to me. Yes, underneath the possession he may have been a nice guy, but to all but the two people who knew it was really the evil spirit who committed those bad acts, he’s a bad bad guy. I have no idea how the wife could continue to visit him & love him in light of everything he did–including causing her paralysis. Did Sun-woo or Bong-sun tell her about the evil spirit possessing him? If so, I must have missed that part.

    • Right, what was up with that ending for Sung-Jae?!? It was my number one complaint about the ending, because there was NO explanation. All I can imagine is that someone explained about the evil spirit possession. But even THEN, the writers clearly decided that the sister character was going to be one of those intensely self-sacrificing angel types. If Sung-Jae was totally perfect before losing his memories, then it makes sense to stand by your man who has a traumatic brain injury. But if he almost killed you?!? If she’s visiting him regularly, presumably she wants him to get better and recover his lost memories. But in this (very rare) case, it seems like a blessing he’s forgotten he’s a murderer. Is she visiting out of a sense of decency? Is she still married to this guy and putting her life on hold till he remembers he’s a murderer, works through the guilt, and then somehow becomes a decent person? &*@[email protected]#%!!! The part of the finale made no sense.

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