Ji Sung And Lee Bo Young Give Birth To A Healthy Baby Girl

Although I pass for a rational person most of the time, I do have that thing for Ji Sung. And I’ve been looking forward to this baby almost as much as if I knew Mr. Ji and Lee Bo-Young personally.

So even though I swore to myself I wouldn’t post celebrity news on K-Drama Today—this is about the stories, not the lives of the stars, darn it!—I’m making this my one-time exception. (Until the next time Ji Sung and Lee Bo-Young have a baby.)

The news is out that little “Kwak Bo-Bae” arrived a few hours ago: Ji Sung And Lee Bo Young Gave Birth To A Healthy Baby Girl.


lee-bo-young-and-ji-sung in mufti med4web
The only celebrities in the world I wouldn’t mind having for parents.

My best friend will roll her eyes when she reads this, but here goes: she’s supposed to have a baby today, too. For a couple months I’ve been hoping that she and Lee Bo-Young will deliver on the same day. Then for some reason, I figure my best friend’s little boy will inevitably grow up and meet little “Kwak Bo-bae” and fall in love and then my nephew will have the best in-laws ever and I’ll go to the wedding, of course, and get to meet the coolest celebrity couple ever.

Yes, I’m aware that I left Logic Town awhile ago. Blame it on the Phenomenon of Fan Mind.

I haven’t told my best friend my plans for her son because she already thinks I’m off my rocker for watching stuff in Korean.

But if there’s one thing dramas teach us, it’s that everyone in the world is more connected than we think. And Destiny is doing its work when we least expect it.

And what are kids for, if not for us to construct elaborate fantasies about their futures that they will then wreck by having personalities and dreams of their own? Whatever they come up with, it’s usually far more interesting than anything we imagined for them when they were little.

Wherever you are in the world today, send positive energy, prayers and good wishes to my best friend since childhood, who is having her much-awaited baby boy, and to Ji Sung, Lee Bo-Young and their new little girl. And may both little ones have good lives full of joy and free of drama. ♥

lee bo young ji sung baby shower
I didn’t realize it till I saw this pic, but my dream party definitely includes Bae Jang-Ok as a guest (sitting in the rear at the JS/LBH baby shower last month).

9 thoughts on “Ji Sung And Lee Bo Young Give Birth To A Healthy Baby Girl

  1. Awww. Im so happy for Ji Sung and his wife! Not sure of the name tho but….yh. why dont our peers get our joy for k-dramas? Well they’re losing out. Anyway I hope ur friend has a safe delivery! And let us enjoy ExGC’s finale tonight!

  2. I have to say I’m ridiculously happy too… How is it that Ji Sung ssi makes me act like a (silly) teenager?!?!?!? Hhahahaha!
    Welcome Baby Bo-Bae! Congrats to the new parents!

    • LOL. How does Fan Mind do this to us, anyway? This news made me so happy. Maybe it comes down to this–it’s fun having something to be silly about? I’m so glad you guys understand!

  3. ROFL I know I’m late but this is hysterical. I’m only disappointed that I have no nephews/nieces to ship with my biases children because I am the oldest. *pouts* I hope they’ll post reaction videos to their daughter watching their shows when she is old enough. I look forward to watching the second-hand embarrassment lol.

    • Ha! I always wonder what it’s like to have actors for parents. I think I remember Johnny Depp saying years ago that the reason he agreed to do “Pirates of the Caribbean” was because he’d started a family and he wanted to make something that his kids could actually watch. “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and “Edward Scissorhands” weren’t going to cut it when he had to show his kids what he does for a living. Acting is such a weird profession.

  4. Lol I do know Jisung and Bo young but not so interested in them
    but yeah i do love your writing style its so funny!
    I hate reading but i kept reading your post xD
    even convince me to leave a comment <3 hehe

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