Why Do You Watch?

prosecutor princess episode 2  Kim So Yun it was all farce_crop compressedI watch K-dramas because they’re a change from TV here in the States, where the most popular shows are dark. Very, very dark. I liked that South Korea produces romantic comedies, which have mostly disappeared here.

But then I learned I can get totally wrapped up in Korean melodrama and suspense as well. I’m starting to think maybe there’s something magical about reading subtitles. Or maybe I really, really love good stories, whatever language they’re in.

What about you? Vote below to see what others have said.

How do the stories compare with your “home” TV shows?

Share what you think in the comments and I will say prayers for the cliffhangers in your life to end happily!

4 thoughts on “Why Do You Watch?

  1. Hmm , Good question.In general it’s lighter than US dramas (I dig some UK shows though).But unlike most out there I am fine with some heavier dramas.I guess I am fed up with shows that drag until indefinite end (unless they do it in Sherlock style),too much sex scenes until you watch each of those scene with no reaction at all.And yes,more romance (but not a fan of My love from the Star).

  2. I’m also kind of “meh” about “My Love from Another Star,” even though I usually love romantic comedy. I’m still trying to figure out why it didn’t pull me in as much as other shows. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi i am from India and we totally love K dramas. I loved..Wild romance and fated to love you. My friends liked 2 weeks and Scent of a woman. I also enjoyed watching my girl and hence became a fan of korean music as well.

  4. Welcome, SAvie! One of my favorite things about K-dramas is that we’re watching them all over the world. I love thinking there could be people in India who love Kim Sun-Ah as much as I do! (Not to mention Lee Dong-Wook.)

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